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Please check "yes" or "no" for each question
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1. Have you had front office turnover in the last 12 months?
2. Do holes in the doctor schedule go unfilled?
3. Do you know how much treatment value is not scheduled for the past 8 months?
4. Do you know your % of patient retention last month?
5.  Are you meeting or exceeding your daily scheduling production goal?
6. Are failed appointments called within 10 minutes of their appointment time?
7. Does more than one front office employee answer the phone?
8. Do you know where or if delinquent account calls are made?
9. Is the over-the-counter collection % being calculated daily?
10. Are a minimum of 5 sales calls a day being made to patients with no appointments?
11. Do you know the value of 10 minutes of doctor time?
12. Is your % of closure on treatment plans more than 85%?
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