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Leadership Training


McKenzie's Leadership Training starts with looking at what you are doing well and next at what needs fine-tuning.  Discover how to take your inherent strengths and align them with your practice objectives to create both a high-performance team and a high-performance practice.  The Leadership Training teaches you various methods of leading, delegating, planning, communicating and decision-making, as well as how to deal with team conflict, stress and time management. You've invested in an education to learn the skill of dentistry.  You depended on yourself to succeed through school.  Now you're in business and your success depends on others. At McKenzie Management we know that good leaders are made, not just born.  Our Leadership Program is designed to give you the training you need to learn the skill of leadership. 8 AGD/PACE CE Credits.


Build Your Leadership Power
Assess and Maximize Your Strengths

  • Minimize Your Weaknesses
  • Set a Clear Vision for Your Practice
  • Communicate Your Needs
  • Articulate Your Expectations
  • Identify Current and Changing Practice Demands


Lead Your Team

  • Guide Them to Peak Performance
  • Make the Most of Individual Employee Strengths
  • Build Trusting and Productive Staff Relationships
  • Resolve Differences Successfully
  • Use Coaching, Communication, and Problem-solving Effectively


Lead Your Patients

  • Understand and Manage Patient Expectations
  • Recognize Patient Wants as well as Needs
  • Articulate Diagnostic Findings Expertly
  • Present Treatments Plans Confidently


Support Follow Up

Three Coaching Calls are available for you at your request.



Dr. Nancy Haller, Ph.D.
Leadership Coach
McKenzie Management
Dr. Haller knows that leading an effective team is probably one of the most crucial challenges you face as a dentist. An accomplished and engaging speaker, she holds a doctorate degree in psychology and served as a commissioned officer in the United States Navy where she provided personnel screening, team building, and leadership effectiveness training. She has conducted seminars on a wide range of topics, from leadership training to emotional issues surrounding life and work performance.


In addition to her role with McKenzie Management, Dr. Haller concurrently works at the Center for Creative Leadership where her understanding of human behavior combined with knowledge about business dynamics makes her a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 executives. She has earned the reputation for helping leaders to discover their strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to release the energy and enthusiasm locked in their organizations. A valued resource in change and conflict situations, her expertise has benefited companies in lowering operational costs, bolstering employee morale, reducing turnover, and improving customer service. 


For more information or to register for the Dental Leadership Training. or call 1-877-777-6151