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PATIENT RETENTION - Growing Your Dental Practice (eBook)

The digital eBook includes: scripts, formulas to measure success, patient communications, setting goals, and downloadable hygiene department monitors and MORE. You will receive an email from with a link to view the book and a link to download monitors.


Growing Your Dental Practice
By Sally McKenzie, CEO McKenzie Management

McKenzie Management’s nationwide analysis of dental practices, in business an average of 19 years, revealed their patient retention rate was 28.9% of all patients that came into the practice. Just think where they would be today if they had retained 95% of the people who came in their front doors. Doctors do not come to the realization that their patient retention is suffering until they have seen one to two years of their practice’s gross income level-off without a true understanding of why. Our analysis of these practices inevitably reveals a high loss of recare/recall patients on a yearly basis. Managing the patient to return is not guaranteed by pre-scheduling an appointment, sending an email, text, postcard, letter or a phone call. The entire retention process must be very well thought out, planned, and executed with accountability.

Dentists tend to focus most of their marketing efforts on attracting new patients, which makes sense—new patients are vital to practice growth, after all. The problem is, new patients won’t do you much good if they don’t become loyal patients who accept the treatment you recommend. When you establish a solid base of patients who accept treatment and refer other patients, practice production goes up and so does your bottom line.

If you really want to grow your practice, focus on PATIENT RETENTION first. This will help ensure those new patients you work so hard to attract will actually start calling your practice their dental home.