McKenzie Management’s Dentist CEO Business Course has proven that when dentists are educated on the business aspects of managing a dental practice, their practices are more successful.

Managing overhead to fee analysis to team performance reviews are just a few of the various dental business topics that are taught at this two-day, one-on-one learning experience designed for Dentists who want to understand more about their business.

The curriculum is focused and directed around YOUR objectives. It is a hands-on learning experience and is available only by scheduled appointment. What makes this approach very effective is the total training focus is on you and your specific training needs. You choose the two days for training that will fit your schedule. Being away from the demands and pressures of the daily dental practice routine, allows you to be completely focused on getting the very most out of your personal, professional development opportunity.

This two day learning experience can take place at one of our training locations or....we can come to your location. If we come to your city, you will be responsible for securing a meeting room for the ultimate training experience.

Curriculum: 2 Days of Eight Hour Training

The descriptions below are just a few of the various dental business topics that are taught at McKenzie Management’s two-day extensive learning experience. McKenzie Management’s Dentist CEO Business Program will provide you with peace of mind and confidence in managing your practice. Extra emphasis is placed on areas that you feel need special attention by requesting specific practice reports from your practice management software prior to training.


  • Understanding Your Numbers vs. Industry
  • Generate, Analyze and Interpret Profit & Loss
  • Manage Overhead
  • Hygiene Department
  • Hygiene Availability
  • Additional Producers
  • Production Objectives
  • Leadership Skills
  • New Business vs. Lost Business
  • Industry Standards
  • Fees
  • Marketing


  • Staff Recruitment, Hiring, Dismissal
  • Salary Review
  • Raise Negotiation
  • Measurable Job Descriptions
  • Accountability
  • Performance Reviews
  • Employee Policies
  • Team Motivation
  • Team Planning Meetings
  • Performance Notice


  • Active Patients
  • Reaching Daily Schedule Objectives
  • Treatment Presentation & Acceptance
  • Patient Retention
  • Production vs. Adjusted Production
  • Unscheduled Time Units
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Building Hygiene Production
  • Enhancing Practice Image / Marketing
  • Facilitate Team Meetings, Agenda
  • Computer Utilization
  • New Patient Protocol
  • Telephone Protocol


The ability to motivate your team toward a common goal.

  • Understand High-Level Challenges
  • Balancing Operational Concerns With Strategic Possibilities
  • Becoming Better At Making Decisions
  • Setting A Clear Vision
  • Communicating Your Needs
  • Articulating Your Expectations
  • Guiding Your Team To Peak Performance
  • Building Trust
  • Resolving Conflict Successfully
  • Recognizing Patient Expectations And Meeting Their Needs
  • Leadership Styles


  • Four telephone meetings are available for you at your request

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What Dentists have to say…

After my Dentist CEO Training, I feel more confident and empowered to run my practice. I know I will be a better leader now that I am armed with the “how to do it”. The training was very informative and customized to focus on my concerns and objective

My trainer brought clarity and illuminated several dark spots in my knowledge. You will find out what you don’t know from this training, and come out ready to implement systems to improve efficiency.