Running a successful dental practice takes more than clinical skills. In fact, the most difficult challenges you face in your office have little to nothing to do with your technical skills as a dentist. The problems are more likely due to your behaviors and it is only when you come to this realization that you can gain mastery over your practice.

McKenzie's Leadership Training starts with looking at what you do well and next at what needs fine-tuning. Discover how to take your inherent strengths and align them with your practice objectives to create both a high-performance team and a high-performance practice. The Leadership Training will enhance your ability to lead, delegate, plan, communicate and make strategic decisions. In addition, you will learn the finesse of dealing with team conflict, stress and time management. You've invested in an education to learn the skill of dentistry. You depended on yourself to succeed through school. Now you're in business and your success depends on others. At McKenzie Management we know that good leaders are made; not just born.

McKenzie’s Leadership Training is an individual program that will help you to work more effectively with your team so you can bring about positive change in your practice. You will learn various methods and creative solutions of leading, delegating, planning, communicating and decision making as well as how to deal with team conflict, stress and time management.

This one-day learning experience takes place in San Diego, CA... or we can come to you for an extra investment.

Curriculum: 1 Day of Eight Hour Training

Your personalized training begins with pre-program surveys to discover your strengths and areas that need improvement. The assessments will identify your objectives and leadership style and help to explain why many of the current methods you are using may not be getting the results you want.

Team assessments also will be done prior to your training to find out how your employees see you as their boss. This will help to align your intentions and your impact on others. The program’s interactive-learning approach blends discussion with hands-on experiences that enable you to put new leadership principles into practice.

McKenzie Management’s Leadership Training is designed to teach you the skills and important qualities of leadership essential for your practice success. This customized program is tailored to the areas that will give you the most benefit.

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We build your program from the following areas:


  • Set a clear vision for your practice
  • Understand how to plan for a successful future
  • Become more effective at handling specific challenges - from delivering bad news to increasing team motivation
  • Deal effectively with changes in staff and practice conditions
  • Overcome barriers to communication
  • Understand the difference between manager and a leader


  • Build trusting and productive staff relationships
  • Make the most of individual employee strengths
  • Resolve differences successfully
  • Use coaching, communication, and problem-solving effectively
  • Build consensus, cohesion, buy-in and team commitment
  • Motivate the team to achieve heightened performance and increased bottom-line results


  • Understand and manage patient expectations
  • Recognize patient wants as well as needs
  • Articulate diagnostic findings expertly
  • Present treatment plans confidently