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Building A Successful Recall System $49

Have you increased your hygiene days in the past year?
If not ... this book is a must!!!

Unfortunately, patient retention is not guaranteed by pre-appointing, sending postcards, letters, or even texts or phone calls. But an effective use of an integrated retention system can significantly improve your ability to keep patients returning. This step-by-step guide to the systems used by today's most progressive practices includes: telephone scripts, letters that get responses, telephone monitoring techniques to ensure patient retention, tools to monitor your success, and scheduling tips for a productive hygiene department.


Cash Flow Management $49

Reducing Accounts Receivable
Increasing Production • Decreasing Overhead

If you're falling short of consistently meeting benchmarks such as: 98% collection ratio, 90 days past due less than 10%, 45% over the counter collections, 55% overhead expense, 15% minimum increase in collections each year then… this book is for you. Proven "scripts" that will make you feel comfortable in collecting money from your patients. Step- by- step training protocol on how to achieve the industry objectives that are accomplished by highly successful practices.

Techniques are given to increase your production by scheduling more effectively. Learn Methods to reduce your overhead in the most common "out of control" areas: dental supplies, laboratory expense, salaries and miscellaneous categories.

Mckenzie management books

How To Hire The Best Dental Employee $49

A Dentist’s Guide to Effective Interviewing

A complete guide to help dentists in hiring new employees. Chapters include: developing a job description, advertising, reviewing the resumes, initial telephone screening, the interview process, the application form, asking the right questions, testing applicants, and checking references.

The manual includes ads that generate responses, a ready-to-use application form, over 100 questions designed specifically for business, hygiene, and clinical assistants positions, as well as competency tests.

Mckenzie management books

Performance Measurements $49

An Easy and Effective Method to Measure
Your Dental Employee’s Performance

Rating employee performance is a dreaded task for most dentists. Now it will be easier using objective performance measurements that are specifically designed for the dental practice. These extensive, ready to use, appraisal forms and Excel graphs help you to measure an employee's performance based on everything from Job Descriptions to Productivity to Work Ethics and Cooperation.

Your Performance Measurements kit includes copy ready appraisal forms and Excel measurement graphs to use for each employee. In addition, you will learn how to determine the number of employees needed for a successful practice and how to design results oriented job descriptions for all business and clinical staff. Use performance charting to objectively measure your employees to make sound decisions. Simply plug in the information in Excel, and watch Performance Measurements graph the results on its own. You will save time hand graphing your results, will be able to email your appraisals and charts to other employees, and have the option to save them on your computer, as well as competency tests.

Mckenzie management books

Personality Types $67

How They Affect Your Practice Success

Stress, tension, and issues arising in dental offices are caused by a breakdown in communications due to different personality styles. Understanding your employees' personality traits can help to better match your staff with the work they are likely to do best.

Based on the Myers Briggs Temperament Type, each job position in dentistry; dentist, business, clinical and hygiene is reviewed teaching you which personality type is best suited to fill a specific job description. Dentists will learn how their personality affects their ability to successfully manage the business and its employees. Included is the book Please Understand Me which provides the personality test and scoring form.


Reward Your Dental Team $49

Learn when and how to reward your staff. Understand why saying "thanks" can mean more than dangling a financial carrot. This book is full of checklists and questionnaires to help you determine what rewards are best suited for each of your team members.

You will learn when to use non-financial versus financial rewards, when to use group versus individual rewards, plus how important it is to set performance goals so you know when to give a reward. You will learn the difference between rewarding employees for outstanding performance versus paying them a bonus for simply doing their job.


Dentistry $49

An Introduction for New Employees

This book is ideal for training new business staff that are new to dentistry. The chapters cover the specialties of dentistry, dental terminology, radiographs, dental equipment, insurance, computerization and customer service. The Glossary will help to familiarize the reader with dental terms. Each chapter ends with a chapter review test.