Helping Dentists for over 30 years is an honor. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Dentistry has been my passion and the center of my entire working career. I am blessed to have such a wonderful, dedicated and smart team as well as long standing relationships with our Affiliate Partners. My career has given me the opportunity to speak to thousands of dentists and their teams across the U. S. for state and local dental societies, dental schools and all of the nation’s top dental meetings including Chicago Mid-Winter, Greater New York, Hinman Dental, Yankee Dental Congress and ADA to name a few.

I love to write and share my passion through the written word via the nation’s top dental journals, my e-Management newsletter for over twelve years and The Dentist’s Network,

I always make myself available to listen to your concerns and offer feedback. You can reach me at 877.777.6151 or

Here to help, alt