“Starting a new practice comes with tough decisions and major anxiety. But, with the help of McKenzie Management, it can also be the opportunity to make sure it’s done exactly the way you want.”
Sally McKenzie, CEO

Many new start up practices struggle and Doctors go through much unneeded stress. McKenzie Management created this program to set you up with success and provide you with the knowledge and tools to start your practice out “right” from the beginning. Our objective is to help you have as little stress as possible and to make the process an enjoyable one. We eliminate the fear of failure. We will begin with the introduction of your personal on-site Consultant who will support and mentor you through the process.

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Phase I Pre-Practice Preparation

“Where do I start? Where do I even BEGIN to start my own business? I am feeling overwhelmed.”
Sound familiar? Your first time being a business owner will take more knowledge than getting the margins right on a 3-unit bridge. McKenzie Management’s approach is to EMPOWER you, not to enable you. The day you open your practice is the culmination of your dream. Phase I prepares you for the timeline of important details that must be implemented prior to opening your doors and prepares you for stepping into the role of CEO. Your personal on-site consultant breaks things down in a way that is simple and easy to understand.
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Phase II Pre-Opening Practice Systems Training

“There are 20 Business Operational Systems that run a dental practice.  McKenzie Management prepares you to face business challenges with confidence.” Sally McKenzie, CEO

Your business operational systems are the heart and soul of your business. Just as you, the dentist, are the heart and soul of providing clinical treatment. It’s critical that you understand the workings of your business. You never want to be held hostage or be vulnerable to an employee because you don’t know how your business operates.

Phase II was created to teach you and your employee(s) the business operational systems that will be running your new business. Having a professionally trained team is the #1 factor that will have the most impact on the growth of your practice.
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Phase III After Opening - In Practice Systems Analysis & Training

“Our thirty years of researching the mistakes and successes of your peers gives you the advantage of overcoming the time consuming, frustrating, and expensive method of trial and error in implementing sound systems and relationships that will position you where you want to be.” Sally McKenzie, CEO 

It’s now a few months after opening. Your working capital is dwindling.  Your deferred loan payments are starting soon. At this point, there is no margin for error. 
Phase III ensures that your 20 business operational systems continue to operate with zero weaknesses, because, if weaknesses are left unnoticed, they will cause long-term, negative, if not, devastating effects to any potential growth to the practice.
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Of course you want to know more.  You can call us at 877-777-6151, email us at info@mckenziemgmt.com or complete the form at the top and we will tell you exactly what you will learn in each phase and how you will benefit.  You have nothing to lose.

After realizing that buying a dental practice that would fit all of my ideals would be impossible, I determined that I needed to open my own practice and build from the ground up. Having a degree in dentistry and not in business, I knew it would be a challenge for me. I had no idea where to even start. After some research online and through my dental colleagues, I found McKenzie Management. They were offering exactly what I was looking for as far as guidance on how to start building a practice. This included providing and choosing contacts for all the auxiliary needs from getting the bank loan, finding a space with a realtor, to getting a builder, lawyer, CPA etc. all with dental specific experience. I felt comfort in all of the experience the McKenzie Management staff had in going through this process and they really helped me feel like this was something I could accomplish.
Jennilyn McEnroe, DMD

I would say that the greatest impact McKenzie Management has had on my practice is their recommendations in regards to how to handle budgeting and expenses. For instance, reading collections and accounts receivable reports to really understand what it means. These are things that are not taught in dental school and, unfortunately, business management does not come naturally for me. But my consultant was able to really break things down for me in a way that is simple and easy to understand. And, they were always readily available either by email or phone call to answer any questions that I or my staff encountered.
Sunshine Smiles Dental Care Silver Springs, MD