Helping you get the most out of work and life at every stage in your dental career.
McKenzie Management is a full-service dental consulting team with more than 35 years of dental practice management experience.

We provide our dental consulting services to dental practices across the industry…from the multi-million dollar dental practice to the multi-doctor practice to the single dentist family practice...for the fee-for-service dental office to the managed care dental practice…for general dentists and specialists…to the solo practitioners to the multiple location dental group practices.

Our Dental Practice Management Consulting Coaching can give you help with your Dental Business Systems, Team Training, Team Accountability, your first Dental Practice Startup, purchasing a Dental Practice Acquisition, Dentist Business Training, enhancing your Hygiene department, Merging Dental Practices

With years of experiencing all types, sizes and make-up of dental practices, we don’t have a “cookie-cutter” approach or a pre-conceived philosophy to our dental practice management recommendations for improving your practice.

Our dental management consultants and coaches help you and your team by taking into consideration the socio-economic level of the patients you treat, the geographic part of the country you practice, your personality temperament types and your concerns and objectives.

We also don’t believe that the doctor or the employees will embrace any operational change with passion unless we prove to them the “why” behind the change. As a result, our dental practice coaching provides EVIDENCE-BASED findings/facts on the dental practice’s operational systems. Our philosophy is to identify the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement of each dental business operational system, helping you to reach your best potential.

We provide you the financial rewards you’ve earned…giving you the time away from the office you desire…ensuring you achieve the control over your practice you’re seeking…and helping you to attain your goals and vision daily. And that is why McKenzie Management is the trusted and proven leader in dental practice management today and will continue to be well into the future.