My Insurance Covers This…Right? $35

Do your patients understand their dental insurance?
Most don't.

How does your staff handle patient questions and complaints? This brochure can help.

Presented in easy-to-understand terms, this high quality 6-panel
brochure covers:

  • Why insurance doesn't pay 100% (even though it says it will)
  • Why many procedures are not covered
  • What "UCR" really means
  • Why carriers use negative EOB language and much, much more!

Sold in packages of 50.


What Is the Difference... Between a "Regular" Cleaning, a Root Planing, and Periodontal Maintenance? $35

Do your patients understand why they have
been scheduled for a root planing procedure?

Do they complain about coming in for "cleanings" several times a year? Do they understand what a "cleaning" actually is and how it differs from periodontal maintenance? Most patients don't! In fact, confused and unhappy patients are complaining to State Dental Boards about these procedures in record numbers! You can help your patients understand what they need.

Presented in easy-to-understand terms, this 8-panel, full color,
glossy brochure covers:

  • The detailed differences between a prophy, root planing, and perio maintenance.
  • Why coming for a "cleaning" twice a year is often not enough to
    maintain periodontal health.
  • Why insurance typically does not cover more than two appointments a year.
  • A simple description of periodontal disease your patients will understand
    and much, much more!

Sold in packages of 50.