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 2.13.04 Issue #101

Tech Tips For Today!

Designed to improve management techniques through your technology platform

Mark Dilatush
VP Professional Relations
McKenzie Management

Last week, [see article], I finished discussing the minimum technology requirements of the scheduling coordinator job description.

This week, we start a whole NEW chapter in e-Motivator history. The column has a brand new title! Management Technology…Tips For Today will be a series of weekly practice management/technology tips and to-do’s designed to improve your practice management technique through the use of your existing technology platform. Readers of the e-Motivator have asked for these tips in small “bite sized” chunks so they can print and implement each and every week.


Calculating Patient Flow
The business administrator or scheduling coordinator in your office should run these calculations once per month. You might as well start this week right! The whole team should know the results.

Step #1
Confirm with everyone who posts procedures to a patient ledger that ADA code 00150 is only used for new comprehensive examinations. If this is not the case, take the steps necessary to make sure ONLY ADA code 00150 is used on brand new comprehensive patient examinations in the future.

Step #2
Each month, run a Production by Provider, Practice Analysis or Production by ADA Code (different names depending on your software system) report for the past 12 months (exactly). For instance - 2/13/03 through 2/13/04. The report will tell you exactly how many 00150’s were performed in your practice in the past 12 months. Jot down this number on a piece of paper.

Step #3
Each month, on the same day you run the production report, run an overdue recall/continuing care report for the same exact date range (the last whole calendar year – same as above). If your practice management system tracks the number of recall notices received (some systems call this motivated recall), make sure the “notice due” range is a wide one. What we’re looking for here is EVERY human being who was due back into the practice during the past 12 months. When your computer system is done finding all the patients, just print the report to the screen. Some practice management software will tally all the patients on the report and tell you how many there are on the last page. Some, you have to count. Simply count the number of patients on one page and then multiply that number by how many pages.

Jot that result on a piece of paper right next to the number of new patients.

Example: (300 new patients vs. 350 existing patients overdue for recall)
You’ve just calculated your first patient flow ratio!

Healthy Patient Flow Ratio (established practice – 6+ years)
2:1 ratio
Example (300 new patients vs. 150 existing patient overdue for recall)

Healthy Patient Flow Ratio (newer practice – Years 1 through 6)
Typically a brand new practice will have an incredible ratio. Years 1 through 3, look for a healthy ratio to be at or above 4:1. Years 4 through 6, a healthy ratio will slowly work its way down to a nice 2:1 ratio. Use these as benchmarks only! Compare these each month to the month prior. You might even start a real simple spreadsheet month by month.

I hope you find the new format of this article series useful and something you can implement immediately.

I welcome any and all readers to email me with specific questions, problems, requests and challenges. Who knows? Maybe your inquiry will lead to a new Tips For Today article! Don’t worry, your inquiry will remain anonymous.

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