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  06.09.05 Issue #170


Are You A Rainmaker?

By Belle M. DuCharme, RDA, CDPMAThe Center for Dental Career Development

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According to Jeffrey J. Fox in his book, How To Become A Rainmaker, a Rainmaker in American Indian tradition used magical powers to bring the rain to nourish crops and to feed people. If it didn't rain, then there were no crops to feed the people and they would be forced to move elsewhere or die. Today, according to Mr. Fox, a Rainmaker is a person who brings revenue to an organization. In dentistry, patients and their acceptance of treatment is the “rain” that makes the practice grow. The success of any business is the customer base. In dentistry, the success of the practice lies in its ability to attract and keep patients for a lifetime.

In offices that are having problems with patient retention, I see much of the energy diverted away from the patients to communication problems between staff and doctors. It is easy to lose track of the reason we are there, the patients, when we are struggling to get along with each other. If you ask yourself with every patient “ Why should this patient do business with us?” The Rainmaker would say, “This patient should have his treatment here because we can solve his problem and help him achieve optimum dental health. He will be able to chew, he will have better aesthetics and he will have a positive experience in our office”. A Rainmaker asks himself, “If I were a patient in this practice, how would I want to be treated?” The Rainmaker makes the experience for the patient the best possible.

The Rainmaker's Credo written by Jeffrey J. Fox, I have changed to apply to dentistry as follows:

  • Cherish your patients at all times
  • Treat your patients as you would your best friends
  • Listen to patients and take the time to understand their needs
  • Give patients what they need.
  • Be fair and honest with the cost of treatment
  • Enhance the services the patient is receiving
  • Educate patients to want what they need
  • Give more than the patient expects
  • Thank the patient sincerely and often

Recently, I spent over an hour speaking to a doctor who wanted information about the Advanced Business Training for his Business Manager. He explained that much of his day was spent in a power struggle over why things weren't getting done faster and more efficiently. He had adopted a “micro-management style” that he no longer wanted. “I want to spend my day with my patients, but I find myself continually drawn to problems at the front desk. It is a small office and I am sure some of my patients have felt the tension”. I can tell you from experience that patients do feel the tension and it is a reason to not return to your office.

At The Center for Dental Career Development, we teach all of the business systems that are necessary to operate a successful dental practice. We customize the training to meet the needs of any practice and staff member. The training is not generic and it is not a “seminar”. Once the systems are in place and your business staff is working efficiently, you are ready to “make it rain” with your patients.

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