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12.09.05 Issue #196  
Do You Have The Right Keys To "Start-up" Your Practice?

Belle M. DuCharme
RDA, CDPMA. Director
The Center for
Dental Career Development

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You’ve picked the “ideal” location for your new dental practice.  You have been an associate long enough and want to do things your way.  You are excited, scared, in debt, overwhelmed, confused but confident that all will go well-eventually.   Then you start waking up in the middle of the night asking yourself some or all of these questions:

• How do I find and hire the right people?
• What personality types are best suited for my dental office positions?
• What can I afford to pay my staff?
• How do I write a job description?
• What benefits should I offer my new employees?
• Should I accept insurance plans?  Which ones?
• How much do I need to produce per hour to meet my overhead?
• What kind of advertisements should I place and where?
• How do I know if my fees are within range for the area?
• What kind of patient do I want to attract to my practice?
• What kinds of people make up the demographics of my practice area?
• How do I market my practice to establish my own niche?
• What are the proven systems that will insure that my practice runs smoothly?

The above questions are a representation of real questions that are proposed during the two-day intensive “Start-up Program” that I lead at McKenzie Management.  All of these questions are answered plus many more as we delve into the intricate details of what it takes to set up a successful business plan for your individual dental practice.  There are no “cookie cutter” answers because the information discussed is relevant to your practice location, demographics and psychographics your vision of what you want your practice to be and your temperament/personality type.

One of the most exciting parts of the Start-up Program is the Community Overview Report that we provide as part of our service.  This report is a detailed study of the demographics and psychographics of your practice neighborhood. Psychographics looks at various psychological characteristics such as behaviors; trends, culture and purchasing habits of people that live in specific areas whereas demographics look at race, age, gender and lifestyle.  With this information you can target certain groups with marketing pieces designed to appeal specifically to their spending habits.  With so much money going into marketing a new practice it is better to spend it wisely aimed at where it will produce the best results.

Staffing the dental office remains the biggest challenge in the business of dentistry.  A Start-up Practice needs dedicated and committed team members just as an established practice does to thrive.  A key to survival is knowledge of what characteristics and skills will be necessary in the key people that you hire.  The Start-up Program covers these concerns in detail.  Writing a characteristic and skill profile for your new hire, refining a job description, writing ads and teaching you about networking to find this special person are all included.  Also, how to read a resume, do a phone interview, in person interview and the testing of applicants is covered. 

Establishing operational policies, understanding the numbers necessary to run a practice and how each system in the practice is interrelated contributing to the success of the practice is the core of this program.
Call it Dental Business 101, a required course for success.  Experience tells me that without the right keys for your Start-up you may have trouble getting your practice into first gear.

For more information about McKenzie’s Practice Start Up Program email or call 1-877-777-6151.

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