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Give Me Five!! Strategic Marketing for the Start-Up Practice
McKenzie Management’s Advanced Training Instructor

Belle M. DuCharme
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 “Build it and they will come.”  Is this a quote from your “Field of Dreams” vision for your new dental practice?  Yes, all of the latest and greatest technological devices along with granite counters and new paint palettes.  You “wowed” them at your Grand Opening with your promises to deliver highest-level standard of care.  Is that going to make your phone ring?  Well, it’s a start but there is more work to be done to insure growth of your new dental practice.

As Instructor for McKenzie Management’s Dentist Start-up Program I bring to the table a vast wealth of “tried and true” marketing methodology from working in many dental practices over the last thirty-five years.  After receiving Certification in Creative Marketing from the University of California, San Marcos this year, I have an updated outlook on what makes a successful marketing mix.

A STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN must be developed before opening your dental practice.  Clarity of these key points must be addressed:

  1. Clarify the services and products you will be delivering.
  2. Clarify your objective in the delivery of these services and products.
  3. Clarify your target audience or in relation to dentistry, your target patient base.

With clarity you can proceed to the Five Key Issues of your marketing plan.  We call these the 5 Ps of Marketing.

  1. Product or Service
    What could you do to improve the quality of our service/products in the eyes of our patients?  What additional services or products could you offer that you don’t offer now?  What is the latest “buzz” in products and services that you could learn about and offer to your patients?
  1. Price or Fees
    What could you do to cut your overhead but not the quality or service that you deliver?  What offers or incentives could you offer without hurting your quality to encourage patients to try your office for their dental care?
    Should you look at your fees to determine whether you are competitive in your market place?  When is the last time you raised your fees?
  1. Placement or Location
    What could you do right now to help your patients and prospective patients better access to your services and products?  What new approaches can you try to reach different patients or retain your existing patients?  Is access to your office a hindrance to our growth?
  1. Promotion or Public Relation
    What could you do right now to improve communication with your patients and the community about your office?  What new types of communication could you explore to help your practice to grow?  What ideas could you expand upon to” get the word out” about your office in a new and exciting way?  What is your Mission Statement and what does that mean to you as a dental practice?
  1. People or Patients
    What could you do to make your patients feel more enthusiastic and thankful toward us?  What could you do to increase your motivation and enthusiasm to thoroughly enjoy what you do?  Have you reminded yourself that this is a business of people not “cases”?

Now you have the keys and the 5 Ps you are ready for more work.  Marketing is an area where many dentists and their staff are perplexed as to where to start and how much to spend.  It is an area where you can “roll the dice” and try different types of marketing to see what works for you.  This is typically expensive and does not attract the kind of patient that you want.  Many marketing pieces that give away your services as an incentive can be detrimental for future growth if not designed with careful thought.

What is marketing all about?

  • Knowing patients and why they will buy from you
  • Maintaining lasting patient relationships
  • Understanding the trends that affect your practice
  • Knowing your competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Having the right services and products at the right time
  • Building and maintaining your “niche” in the community
  • Being profitable

Want to learn more?  We have only just begun. Even if you are an existing practice that wants a NEW START, McKenzie’s Advanced Training Programs may be what you need to get energized for a new beginning.  Our quality team of dental experts is at your service for a more rewarding practice so call us today!

For more information on McKenzie’s Start-Up Program email training@mckenziemgmt.com.

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