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Belle DuCharme CDPMA
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Writing An Effective Welcome Letter

Because they are considered optional, letters of welcome are often read with surprise, pleasure and gratitude. The welcome letter is a powerful marketing tool for the dentist and a warm, hospitable approach to cementing interpersonal relationships between the dentist and potential patients. The welcome letter and other successful internal/external marketing ideas are part of the McKenzie Management Advanced Business Training.

The welcome letter usually accompanies the new patient packet, which is sent out to new patients who have scheduled an appointment. It can also be posted on the website for new patients who are registering online or sent out with a direct mail marketing piece.

Starting up a new dental practice or coming in to an existing office as a new associate has opportunities that nonetheless present challenges. Start-up dentists want to welcome new patients to their practice and new associates want to introduce themselves to the existing patient base and to new patients. Many dentists—whether established, new associate or starting from scratch—opt for an internal marketing plan that includes a welcome letter because it is an important piece of communication to facilitate this process. Careful attention to its development is important.

The welcome letter is best printed on the office letterhead stationery. The paper should be of high quality in a pleasing soft color that complements the office decor. The letter should ring with warmth and sincerity and express the doctor’s pleasure at meeting with and providing services to the recipient.

Often, welcome letters are printed within the practice brochure and sent in lieu of an actual welcome letter. Although this is convenient, it changes the emotional value. A brochure is not a letter and is considered more of an informational piece.

Before you write the letter, decide what your objective is and to whom the letter is directed. Write letters of welcome to:

  • new patients that have scheduled appointments
  • potential patients that are receiving a direct mail piece
  • potential patients in businesses in the area, whether established or new
  • potential patients as new or existing members of club/organization/temple/church

The objective is to welcome and invite the potential patient to your dental practice for products and services, and also to establish name recognition and product association. Offer a free service or product, such as an electric toothbrush or whitening kit, to introduce the potential patient to your goods and services and to encourage a visit to your practice. Enclose a coupon for a one-time discount or a “Get to Know Us” special that includes a complete oral exam, necessary x-rays and a basic professional cleaning.

Some welcome phrases in the letter could be:

  • “eager to serve you and your family”
  • “extend a welcome to you and your family”
  • “look forward to meeting you and your family”
  • “warm reception waiting at Dr. John Smith’s dental office”
  • “pleasure to welcome you to our family dental practice”

Some welcome sentences in the letter could be:

  • “Let us know how we can help you feel quickly at home in our office.”
  • “We look forward to providing you quality dental care in a warm and friendly environment.”
  • “Our door is always open to you for your dental needs.”
  • “We believe that dental care will have a new and pleasant meaning for you after visiting our practice.

Sample Welcome Letter

Dear Patient,

It is with the greatest pleasure that we welcome you to our dental practice here in Oaks Grove. My name is Dr. Corwin Toothman and I have been in family practice in Oaks Grove for twenty years. My family and I live in nearby Parker and enjoy the outdoor life and the great neighbors. My dental team and I are very proud of the full line of dental services and products that we offer, including the dental laser and digital x-ray technology. Let us know how we can help you quickly feel at home in our office.

For your convenience, we have enclosed a health questionnaire and other information, including a map to our office. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 888.333.1111.

Please bring the enclosed forms (filled out) with you to your scheduled appointment on Friday, June 30, 2008 at 3:00 PM.
We look forward to meeting you and serving your dental needs now and in the future.
Dr. Corwin Toothman

Set the stage for a positive experience in your practice by including a welcome letter in your new patient packet.

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