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Belle DuCharme, CDPMA
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Marketing like the Super Bowl Advertisers
By Belle DuCharme, CDPMA

111.5 million people watched the Super Bowl this year. Some cheered for the Sea Hawks, some for the Patriots, and the rest for the commercials. I look forward to the commercials each year because I want to see who is the most creative and who gets their message across without someone in the room having to explain it. It is intriguing to see what kind of messages are created to communicate with 111.5 million people. The sensitivity of the brand message must hit the target that is most likely to purchase the product or service. If you can hit 100% of your target within that 111.5 million people, you have a successful campaign. 

A lot can be learned by taking a close look at the advertisers who are brave enough to put their best marketing efforts in front of such a huge audience. One of my favorite super bowl advertisements this year was from SquareSpace. SquareSpace offers a simple website publishing platform. They decided to put their product on stage by creating and showcasing a “sleep sound” album featuring Academy Award winning actor Jeff Bridges. Now for the younger crowd who may not know Jeff Bridges as the “Dude” in the classic movie The Big Lebowski, this ad may have looked like an old hippie doing a chant. Cool and intriguing, the ad tweaked your imagination to learn more by inviting you into Jeff Bridges website DreamingWithJeff.com. This ad won’t appeal to everyone, but I think it hit the target of those interested in building a better website. 

The best ads combine creativity with a call to action. Some ads don’t appear to be about the product, but instill a trigger motivating you to buy the product. For instance, the Budweiser ad featuring the cute puppy and the Budweiser Clydesdale horses is not about drinking beer…but just about everyone loves puppies, horses and a story with a happy ending. Too much fear in the call to action can cause a negative reaction, such as Nationwide Insurance’s ad about a young boy who doesn’t have the opportunity to grow up because he is killed in an accident. 

How do we apply these lessons in advertising to dentistry? Focus on the benefits for the patient in the group target by identifying that group target. There are tools to define your target market within your practice demographics. These are not only demographics, but psychographics that include the buying habits of your target group. What services do you offer that your target wants from a dentist? Find and meet the needs and desires of your target market. Generational differences are very influential in marketing dental practices today. Mobile/digital technology and social media are important for the millennials or Generation Y. If you aren’t texting them or at least emailing them to confirm their appointment, they are going to think you are extinct.

If your demographics include Baby Boomers or “seniors” born between 1946 and 1964, be careful that you don’t treat this group like they are handicapped in any way. The benefits should focus on looking and feeling your best. Never focus on “they aren’t going to want to buy the services because they aren’t going to live long.” According to studies, 25% of this group are still working and don’t intend to retire. Because of this, I would rethink “senior discounts”, which may be viewed by some Boomers as you being out of touch with this group.

Marketing and advertising are not strong points for most dentists. That is why it is important to rely on recommended experts who have a reference of success in the marketing of dental practices. McKenzie Management offers a great marketing division, sensitive to your particular branding and advertising budget. Marketing your dental practice is no longer a reactive approach to holes in the schedule and low new patient numbers. It is the daily practice of knowing and representing the needs and desires of your patients. For more information on branding and marketing, call McKenzie Management today. To grow and prosper in 2015, consider updating your business and management skills by taking a customized training course in Office Management.

If you would like more information on McKenzie Management’sTraining Programs  to improve the performance of your team, email training@mckenziemgmt.com

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