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Belle DuCharme, CDPMA
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Do You Share Your Values with Your Team?
By Belle DuCharme, CDPMA

Front Office Training Case #FO567

Dr. J. Peabody (names have been changed) contacted McKenzie Management to enroll her team for front office business training. Her main concern was the lack of detail and focus the team demonstrated in performing their jobs and being “engaged” with the patients.

“The people at the front lack enthusiasm and just don’t seem to care about the practice or the patients,” lamented Dr. Peabody. “I want them to take their jobs seriously and put more effort into their work.”

There were three front office employees: “Jane” the Scheduling Coordinator, “Beth” the Financial/Insurance Coordinator, and “Stephine” the Patient Coordinator. The practice saw 50 to 60 patients a day and had 10 days of hygiene a week. Dr. Peabody had written job descriptions that she received earlier from McKenzie Management, and made sure there weren’t any areas where people “slacked off” from their duties.

During the two-day training program (the doctor was not present during the training), the three ladies were questioned about whether they viewed their jobs as “just a job” or a career opportunity. Jane was more of a communicator and voiced that she didn’t see it as a career because she didn’t have a say in anything that took place in the practice. It was a respectable job that paid the bills, but she wasn’t excited about being there. 

“I do as I am told to do, no more, no less...” 

Beth, the Financial Coordinator, voiced that she had a couple ideas to improve collections but never brought it up because she didn’t want to rock the boat.Stephine agreed with both Jane and Beth.

When questioned about their career philosophy and whether it matched Dr. Peabody’s practice philosophy, they all agreed they didn’t know what Dr. Peabody’s philosophy was other than to make money. Their response to the question: “Do you have a Mission Statement or a list of Core Values?” was “No.”

Matching the best employee to your practice requires a conversation about the practice philosophy and the employee’s philosophy about a career in dentistry. People who are presenting treatment plans to patients must have a belief in the importance of good, quality dental care and the benefits associated with good overall health in order to motivate patients to improve their oral health.

A phone conversation with Dr. Peabody that night helped her to draft a career philosophy. She evaluated her professional, moral and social values and did the following:

1.  Created a mission/value statement for the practice
2.  Defined what kind of work environment she wanted for the patients and team
3.  Defined her strengths, weaknesses and areas where she needed the team’s support
4.  Drafted the future as she saw it for the practice in the next 5 years and next 10 years
5.  Shared her goals and dreams and asked that the team “buy in” to her vision
6.  She decided to reward the team with compliments and little rewards and encouraged them to interact with and motivate patients more to improve their dental health
7.  She asked the team to rate the practice based on the following:
   a. Practice environment, culture, values and beliefs
   b. Salary
   c. Benefits
   d. Location/distance from home, practice hours
   e. Challenge and chance of improvement and advancement
   f.  Hours necessary to complete tasks and give patients the time they need

After sharing with the team, things started to improve. The three ladies were more enthusiastic with patients and with Dr. Peabody. Staff meetings took on a new agenda of sharing and discussing, instead of directing and ordering. Dr. Peabody felt that things would keep improving as long as she stayed connected to the team.

Do you need help establishing a rewarding connection with your team? Call McKenzie Management today for an evaluation of which training course would best suit your needs.

If you would like more information on McKenzie Management’sTraining Programs  to improve the performance of your team, email training@mckenziemgmt.com

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