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Nancy Caudill
Senior Consultant
McKenzie Management
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“Show and Tell Your Team!”
A McKenzie Management Case Study

Dr. Brian Carter - Case Study #225

Why do some offices excel and others continue to struggle?

With Dr. Carter’s permission, we share his experience after McKenzie because we feel that it is applicable to all doctors and their team members.

Let me set the stage for his comments:

Dr. Carter, his team and McKenzie Management worked together in 2004.  He had purchased his practice from his father where he had been working as an Associate.  He was in need of assistance implementing business systems and developing a strong and successful team to work with.

Dr. Carter sent the following e-mail in September of this year after inquiring on his progress.  He was so positive and proud that he took a minute to reflect on what he felt was the most important factor in his achievements.  Here is his response:

I think regarding my involvement with the employees, that the biggest thing we did was not having "secrets".  Exposing the practice numbers helped them to see that I wasn't hoarding. 

I really began to empower them by giving them the freedom to do their job but expecting 35% etc, and Expecting goals met. We have only missed our collection goal 4 months since McKenzie in September of 2004. Wow…that is two years. I think that is amazing!

Fortunately, I have been able to trust employees to just do their job, and have accountability.  Having reviews really builds a rapport with the staff, and lets them know how I feel.  I think we made some staff changes right before McKenzie and after that people were worried about their job and that creates employee stress wondering if they are next.  Holding the reviews takes some of that worry away and allows them to focus on what I want them to focus on. 

I try not to micromanage them, and they appreciate that.  I have also tried to show appreciation for them by little things, but have never done so in a lavish way, mostly small ways. 

I try to be really accommodating for family situations and emergencies.  They  know that I feel that their jobs are not as important as their family.  But when they are here, I expect their best. 

My relationship I have today with the team wasn't something that I said and BAM! there was trust. It was a process, and we had bumps along the way. But being open and trying to solve their concerns as if they had ownership in the practice has really helped.

I truly believe that the employees now have a feeling that this is partially their practice as well.


  • Establish job descriptions for your team.  It empowers them to perform their tasks based on what you expect from them.  Help them to be accountable by statistical reporting at the monthly meeting.
  • Establish daily production goals for effective scheduling for each provider.  These goals can be established by reviewing your overhead percentages and determining what is healthy for your practice.
  • Conduct morning meetings to discuss daily goals, scheduling issues, concerns about patients, etc.
  • Conduct monthly meetings to review a To Do List of actions that need to be implemented.
  • Thank your team for jobs well done.  Most team members are “feelers” and like to be appreciated.  Tell them.

You don’t know when you have arrived until you know where you are going.  Otherwise, you are just making good time going nowhere!  Contact us so we can help you determine where you need to go and how to get there.

If you would like more information on how McKenzie's Practice Enrichment Programs can help you IMPLEMENT proven strategies….. email info@mckenziemgmt.com

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