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6.13.08 Issue #327 Forward This Newsletter To A Colleague

Nancy Caudill
Senior Consultant
McKenzie Management
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“Presto Change-o” - The Perfect Practice

It would be wonderful if we could wave a magic wand and create the “perfect practice.” What would such a place look like? There are key elements that start (but do not stop) with the following:

  • The telephone is answered with a “smiling,” happy voice. Thank you for calling Brighton Dental. This is Sandy. How may I direct your call?
  • There are a minimum of 25 new comprehensive exams per month per doctor.
  • A “new patient experience” is provided to all new patients so that when they leave after the appointment, they tell their friends about the great dental experience they had. This requires sufficient (uninterrupted) time with the doctor in order to establish rapport, discuss treatment options and answer all clinical questions.
  • Outstanding accounts receivables are no more than the monthly net production (not including credit balances).
  • Unpaid patient account balances are 12% or less of the total accounts receivables.
  • There are no insurance claims more than 31 days old.
  • “Time of Service” collections are 45% of net production.
  • Patient hygiene retention ensures no more than 50% of the # of new patients are going out the back door.
  • A minimum of 10 hygiene patients are reactivated per month per hygienist.
  • Treatment acceptance of recommended treatment is at least 75% because of patient education and efficient treatment presentations.
  • Dental supply overhead is no more than 5–6% of net collections.
  • Practice overhead is no more than 55-60% of net collections.

The key to success is to transform the average into the extraordinary by taking the following steps:

  • Develop a team that works together to achieve established goals.
  • Establish production, collection, scheduling and retention goals to improve practice growth.
  • Modernize, organize and design the office to be an attractive and comfortable place for your patients and your team.
  • Develop a marketing plan based on the psychographics of your patient base.
  • Start and maintain morning meetings to create a positive direction for your scheduled day.
  • Strategically plan monthly team meetings to discuss practice concerns and achievements, and to receive important feedback from the team.
  • Develop and work to improve practice business systems that achieve the goals set by the dentist and his/her practice “vision.”

Most important: Be a doctor who is a leader and sets positive examples for the team.

How is this accomplished?

  • The doctor always arrives on time for the morning meetings with a smile on his/her face, and leaves personal baggage on the doorstep.
  • The doctor always returns from lunch on time.
  • The doctor does not take unnecessary phone calls that interrupt patient treatment time.
  • The doctor does not criticize the team members in front of others, especially patients.
  • The doctor is open to recommendations from team members regarding practice improvement.
  • The doctor is respectful of the team members’ need for breaks, lunch and leaving on time at the end of the day.

A team that appreciates and respects the doctor as their employer and practice leader. Everyone working together becomes the “magic wand” that transforms the average into the extraordinary.

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