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Nancy Caudill
Senior Consultant
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Is Your Team Happy?
By Nancy Caudill

Here it is - another year passed. Is your team fired up about starting the New Year with a bang or a thump?

If you feel that it's more of a thump, have you asked yourself why? Have you given your team the speech on how last year was not a good year so there will be no raises for this year? If so, how would you feel if your employer said to you that no matter how hard you worked next year, your effort won't be rewarded? My guess is…not good.

Share Your Practice Stats
You surround yourself with intelligent employees. I have not seen a team yet that does not understand when the practice collections for this past year were not as high as the previous year, there is no additional income in order to increase their wages. They understand that - and if they don’t, then you have the wrong players on your team. If you have always given them a salary increase without any consideration for practice revenues, then shame on you! It is now time to educate them about cash flow. It is as simple as this: “No more money coming in = no more money going out.”

Help your team to understand how you made your decision. Conduct a “lunch and learn” and order in pizza. Put together a bar graph illustration of the practice production and collections for the past few years to help them see that the practice did not grow last year. Ask questions about what the practice or you can do in order to increase revenue for this year. Involve them in the state of the practice. They will understand.  It doesn’t mean that they will be happy with the news, but it is the truth.

No Whining by the Doctor
Okay. You have bared your soul to your team and they continue to be supportive because they care about you, the patients, the people they work with, and their career.  They are hanging in there with you and want to help. Now comes the part where some dentists mess up and lose the respect and support of their team. I am treading on thin ice here when I say this to you, and I am so glad to know that none of you would ever do this, so share this information with your other dentist friends that might!

They whine, whine, and whine about their financial state right before they take a week's vacation in Tahiti. And on top of that, they bring back iPhone photos and tell everyone how much the room was a night, how much the fishing excursion cost and how beautiful the ring was that they bought for their spouse since it was their 20th wedding anniversary. I am not finished. It won't be more than a few months later when the same doctor drives to the office in his brand new candy red BWM convertible.

As you know by now, I am very supportive of dentists as business owners and I understand the trials and tribulations of providing great dentistry to your patients and still maintaining a profitable practice. But when dentists whine about their financial situation and then turn around and make extravagant purchases or go on expensive vacations, I have to say something!  This will cause a dentist to lose the respect and support of his/her team quicker than anything.

Okay. Since you aren't one of these dentists, let's talk about what you can offer your team for the next 12 months until the practice gets back on its feet and starts increasing revenues again.

Ask and You Shall Receive
Pose the question to your team: “What can I do outside of increasing your wages that would make you happy?”

  • Taking that final step in order to be “chartless”
  • Improving inter-office communication by conducting morning meetings and monthly meetings.
  • Changing the way treatment plans are presented to increase treatment acceptance.
  • Monthly team activities in the community.
  • Invite McKenzie Management into your practice to assess your business systems to see what can be improved and provide them with more education and training.

In other words, do something different this year than you did last year, unless you are willing to settle for the same result. Get your team involved - and McKenzie, too!

If you would like more information on how McKenzie's Consulting Coaching Programs can help you IMPLEMENT proven strategies, email info@mckenziemgmt.com.

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