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Jean Gallienne RDH BS
Hygiene Consultant
McKenzie Management
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Does Your Hygienist Have ALL The Info Needed To Help Sell Your Dentistry?
By Jean Gallienne, RDH BS

Mr. Smith is in the office today for his hygiene appointment. He has a treatment plan that has not been completed for veneers and a couple of crowns on the maxillary anterior teeth. At one of his past appointments, he wanted to know what he would need to make his teeth look the way he wanted. You did a wax up and went over with him what would need to be done. The financials were gone over, and he said he would think about it and get back to you.

He is now in your office and the hygienist has asked him if he has made a decision about whether he wants to go ahead with treatment. He states that the only thing at this time that is stopping him is money. The hygienist makes a notation in the chart and moves on. But if she would have gone one more step, the patient might have scheduled for the treatment as he left the office.

You’re probably wondering how often this scenario happens in your office. Is your hygienist really educated about what financial options are available to your patients? No, we do not want the hygienist going over financials. However, she can mention what different options are available and let the financial coordinator know that Mr. Smith still wants to do the veneers and crowns, but is holding off because of money (if Mr. Smith is all right with that).

Not only should the financial coordinator be aware of what credit options are available to your patients, but the entire staff should have an idea of what is available. They should at least be able to inform the patient of what companies you use.

The conversation may go something like this: “Mr. Smith, we have many different ways to help you move forward with the treatment you want. We work with a company called Care Credit, and because our office has signed up for many different plans we may be able to get you a financial plan that is no interest if paid in full within 6 to 18 months. You will need to make minimum monthly payments. Is this something you are interested in learning more about?”  

When Mr. Smith says yes, the hygienist might respond with: “Care Credit is a credit card for healthcare providers. Once you have the account, it is not only good here but also many veterinarians, plastic surgeons, and medical doctors accept it. Janey our financial coordinator is the most educated about Care Credit, I will have you talk to her before you leave so she can answer all of your questions. In the meantime, what other questions do you have for me regarding the actual treatment?”

Now the patient is prepared to receive more information from the financial coordinator. They have the option of filling out the application in-office if they would like to start treatment immediately, or they can submit a secure application online from the comfort of their home. The patient will need to choose either a no-interest plan or extended monthly payment plan. Both have a minimum payment required. They can use the card at over 140,000 enrolled dentist, cosmetic, veterinary, vision, and hearing practices. They should also be made aware that they can use it over and over again, with no need to re-apply as long as they are current and in good standing.

Once the patient has been made aware of the available options, the financial coordinator may offer to help fill out the application in your office and get their appointment scheduled. If your hygienist and entire staff are not educated on the different financing options available to your patients, the treatment may not ever be completed!

By knowing enough to move forward with the financial conversation at the chair, it opens up many avenues. Now, the patient may move forward with their treatment and you will get paid for the treatment provided.

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