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Gene St. Louis
VP Practice Solutions
McKenzie Management
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Taking Pride in Your Job - Time to Renew our Reasons for Working in Dentistry
By Gene St. Louis

I remember several years ago when I graduated from Dental Assisting/Administrative College (ok it was 30 years ago), feeling so proud to be in a profession that enabled me to help others and have an impact on their lives. It excited me to be involved in a practice that was like a family unit, all working together for the betterment of the patient. TEAMWORK stands out as one of the key components what was drilled in my head as a student. In addition, respect for not just the patients and other team members but for the DOCTOR. 

What caused me to reminisce about the “old days” was the fact that many individuals in dentistry today have not been formally educated. “On the job” training has occurred in over 90% of employees for Dental Assisting and Administrative. According to the American Association of Dental Office Managers annual 2012 report, 56.4% of Dental Office Managers have been in the industry for 15 years or more. This number indicates typically that once we get into dentistry, we generally don’t get out. It is a pleasure to see professional organizations including ADAA, ADHA, and ADA taking pride in the careers we all have chosen. Back in the day, many of us actually took a Creed, Pledge or Oath as a class during our graduation. I suggest this would be a great start to the first team meeting of the New Year with everyone on the team reciting for their profession.

“The object of ethics is to emphasize spirit (or intent) rather than law. Dental ethics applies moral principles and virtues to the practice of dentistry.” American College of Dentists

ADAA Creed For Dental Assistants
To be loyal to my employer, my calling and myself. To develop initiative – having the courage to assume responsibility and the imagination to create ideas and develop them. To be prepared to visualize, take advantage of, and fulfill the opportunities of my calling. To be a co-worker – creating a spirit of cooperation and friendliness rather than one of fault-finding and criticism. To be enthusiastic – for therein lies the easiest way to accomplishment. To be generous, not alone of my name but of my praise and my time. To be tolerant with my associates, for at times I too make mistakes. To be friendly, realizing that friendship bestows and receives happiness. To be respectful of the other person’s viewpoint and condition. To be systematic, believing that system makes for efficiency. To know the value of time for both my employer and myself. To safeguard my health, for good health is necessary for the achievement of a successful career. To be tactful – always doing the right thing at the right time. To be courteous – for this is the badge of good breeding. To walk on the sunny side of the street, seeing the beautiful things in life rather than fearing the shadows. To keep smiling always.
Juliette A. Southard

AADOM Code of Professional Conduct for Dental Office Managers/Administrative
As members of AADOM, we are committed to a Code of Professional Conduct in order to achieve and maintain high levels of integrity, decision-making, and counsel by the members of the profession.  By holding ourselves accountable to meeting the standards stated in the Code of Professional Conduct, we enhance the dental profession’s trust on which our professional privilege is founded.    

1 - Participate in the development and in the advancement of our profession.
2 - Act in ways that bring credit to our profession while demonstrating respect for other colleagues in dentistry.
3 - Promote a positive image for our profession. 
4 - Encourage the highest standard of personal conduct and integrity.  
5 - Always strive to be fair and objective. We are never influenced by issues of gender, race, creed, color, age or personal disability.
6 - Treat all members, vendors and employees with respect at all times. 
7 - Continually strive for knowledge, personal and professional growth.
8 - Develop collaborative professional relationships and exchange knowledge to enhance our own life-long professional development.
9 - Promote ethical behavior and high standards of care in the dental profession.
10 - Develop professional relationships based on truth, honesty, responsibility and accountability. 

Dental Hygiene Oath for Hygienist
In my practice as a dental hygienist, I affirm my personal and professional commitment to improve the oral health of the public, to advance the art and science of dental hygiene, and to promote high standards of quality care. I pledge continually to improve my professional knowledge and skills, to render a full measure of service to each patient entrusted in my care, and to uphold the highest standards of professional competence and personal conduct in the interests of the dental hygiene profession and the public it serves.

American College of Dentists, Dentists’ Pledge
I, as a member of the dental profession, shall keep this pledge and these stipulations. I understand and accept that my primary responsibility is to my patients, and I shall dedicate myself to render, to the best of my ability, the highest standard of oral health care and to maintain a relationship of respect and confidence. Therefore, let all come to me safe in the knowledge that their total health and well-being are my first considerations.

I shall accept the responsibility that, as a professional, my competence rests on continuing the attainment of knowledge and skill in the arts and sciences of dentistry. I acknowledge my obligations to support and sustain the honor and integrity of the profession and to conduct myself in all endeavors such that I shall merit the respect of my patients, colleagues and my community.

I further commit myself to the betterment of my community for the benefit of all society.  I shall faithfully observe the Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct set forth by the profession. All this I pledge with pride in my commitment to the profession and public it serves.

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