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10.21.05 Issue #189  
SETTING A NEW DIRECTION: Hiring for Peak Performance

Dr. Nancy Haller
Executive Coach
McKenzie Management

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You place the job ad. You screen the resumes. You conduct the interview. ‘Applicant Linda’ says all the right things. She is very personable. Her resume is filled with excellent work experience. You get a good feeling. You offer her the job. She accepts. You are relieved. But in the months that follow, she fails to live up to your expectations. She can’t get along with coworkers. She talks so much she irritates patients. And you suspect that she is falsifying her time card

Anyone who has ever hired an employee has a ‘war story’. What’s yours?

Determining who will be a good employee and fit into your practice is an enormous challenge. Predicting human behavior is extremely difficult – ask any psychologist. Hiring accuracy is reduced further by the fact that most dental offices use only one or two interviews, a resume, and an application blank to make a decision that will have a HUGE impact on productivity and revenue.

If you rely on traditional interviews be aware that they are subjective. Interviews measure social skills, not job suitability. Individuals who create a positive impression are viewed as more capable than quiet or nervous applicants. Because they are not objective, interviews are the least accurate predictors of job success.

Perhaps you rely on resumes and believe that this improves your hiring accuracy. However, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that 90% of all resumes contain false information!

You may plan to add reference checks, convinced that talking with previous employers will give you useful insights. Forget it. Former employers generally reveal nothing of significance. In fact in many states it is illegal to give any information except for dates of employment.

With the cost of hiring the” wrong” person rising, you owe it to yourself to find a better way to hire employees. The solution is to match the applicant’s personality to the job.

The right hire means the difference between an employee who achieves great success and one who is continually frustrated. But even the most talented, hardworking employees will not thrive if the job they’re hired for is a poor fit with their personality. That’s because personality predicts aspects of performance not necessarily related to knowledge, skills and abilities. Testing predicts what a person WILL do vs. what they CAN DO.

Studies show that employment testing outperforms traditional interviews 4 to 1 in predicting job performance. As a complement to your selection process, testing is a proven, effective method of making the right hires, the first time, every time.

Staffing Solutions On-Line (SSOL), a division of the McKenzie Company, has developed Internet personality testing exclusively for dentistry. Partnering with the Institute for Personality and Ability Testing (IPAT), the SSOL test strictly adheres to legal guidelines for employment testing. It assesses 12 essential personality traits so you know how closely your candidate or existing employee matches the profiles of peak performers in the dental industry. No more guessing. You have objective and scientific data to help you determine suitability for one of four dental positions.

Once you’ve narrowed your search to a few qualified candidates, use the SSOL test to evaluate critical personality traits. It’s the easy, affordable way to hire the right candidates the first time around, reduce turnover and slash hiring costs. 
A productive, harmonious office is priceless!

Next week: Using peak performance testing with existing employees.

As an Introductory Offer, receive one (1) complimentary test for your practice when you send a summary of your ‘hiring horror’ to Dr. Haller at

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