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Dr. Nancy Haller
Dentist Coach
McKenzie Management
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Are You Getting the Right People on Your Bus?

Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great, found that the most successful companies are known for "getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus and the right people in the right seats”.

He is referring to the importance of smart hiring and training for business success. The “right people” are those individuals who fit into your practice and help you to accomplish your future goals.

Determining who will be a good employee and fit into your practice is an enormous challenge. Hiring accuracy is reduced further by the fact that most dental offices use only interviews, a resume, and an application to make a decision that will have a HUGE impact on productivity and revenue.

Consider the statistics: a “bad hire” is estimated to cost you between 30% and 150% of an employee’s annual salary!!

Getting the “right people” onto your bus starts before you place a job ad. You need job descriptions. When developing job descriptions, first think about what skills and experience a candidate will need today and in the future, then, identify those critical components that are not trainable.

But even if a candidate meets those requirements, the “right people” also need predictable behaviors. They need to be conscientious, stress-resistant, and cooperative. These characteristics are referred to as personality. To get the right people on the bus, you must correctly define the personality of the job, and then evaluate applicants according to the total job personality. This is the only way to maximize a good fit. McKenzie Management has done that for you.

We conducted personality-based job analyses for four dental positions - Dentist, Front Office, Hygienist, and Clinical Assistant. First we identified experts in the dental field who have direct and current experience with each job, its duties, responsibilities, and requirements for successful performance. These ‘subject matter experts’ then completed work style surveys for each of the four positions. The surveys consisted of questions about the requirements for effective performance using a rating scale of Unhelpful, Not Required, Helpful, or Essential.

The end result is the Employee Assessment Test  By having the candidate/employee answer 107 questions on-line, you can tell  how close your candidate matches peak performers in their job description.

If you rely on traditional interviews be aware that they are subjective. Interviews measure social skills, not job suitability. Individuals who create a positive impression are viewed as more capable than quiet or nervous applicants. Because they are not objective, interviews are the least accurate predictors of job success.

Perhaps you rely on resumes and believe that this improves your hiring accuracy. However, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that 90% of all resumes contain false information!

You may rely on reference checks, convinced that talking with previous employers will give you useful insights. Forget it. Former employers generally reveal nothing of significance. In fact, in many states it is illegal to give any information except for dates of employment.

With the cost of hiring the “wrong” person rising, you owe it to yourself to find a better way to hire employees. The solution is to match the applicant’s personality to the job.

Studies show that employment testing outperforms traditional interviews 4 to 1 in predicting job performance. As a complement to your selection process, testing is a proven, effective method of getting the right people on your bus. The Employee Assessment Test strictly adheres to legal guidelines for pre-employment testing and is available only through McKenzie Management.

Every dentist wants employees who are happy in their jobs with great attitudes. When employees like their jobs, they'll do a better job. Having the RIGHT PERSON in the RIGHT JOB is absolutely key to profitability.

Next article: Keeping the right people on your bus: Maximizing retention.

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