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  04.14.05 Issue #162

Sally's Mail Bag

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Hi Sally,

Thanks for your always helpful newsletter. Taking a line from Field of Dreams, just because they (the manufacturers) build it, doesn't mean it is always wise to come (purchase it). For example I purchased the whole package for $18,000, went to hands on training and did everything recommended and purchased every recommended accessory. In a very short time the company was sold and then re-bought and then went out of business. Now no repairs avaliable. This equipment and brand was highly recommended by some top names in dentistry. Now the whole concept has fallen by the wayside. What am I talking about? Air Abrasion—now an apparently dead issue. I recently was talking with a dentist that has $90,000 worth of lasers but no fiber optic lighting for his handpieces. I worry about new dentists getting lead astray down the technology path by the slick salesmen. I totally agree on getting the whole package but not every package. And then there was the electronic anesthesia machine supposed to replace the shot. It came out twice about 15 years apart. The first ones didn't work and the company took it back. The second release didn't work and they wouldn't take it back. It is in the corner on top of my air abrasion unit. After the air-abrasion disaster, I asked my son if there was any dental equipment that he thought we should have. His answer was that since we use the handpiece for 90% of our work maybe we ought to have the finest ones available—and so now we do. So before buying that technology maybe we should do a lot of research and calculating and making sure that if it will pay for itself it does it before it or its maker becomes obsolete.
Thanks again for the all the good direction you give us.



Hi G.B.,

Thank you for sharing your experience. We speak to dentists every day whose “house has termites and is falling down but they want to put new shutters on the house”. It's very very important to pay attention to the old saying, “Do you put the cart before the horse.” Not only do you have to have a way to pay for the technology but the dentists should determine how fast they will realize a return on the investment. Of course, having a service to sell myself, I think they should make sure their house is in order first to maximize the use of any equipment.

Thanks for sharing.


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