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  06.16.05 Issue #171

Sally's Mail Bag

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Dear Sally,

My office manager is about to have her 1 year anniversary with me. I know she will look for a raise!! We are still on the upside of a huge learning curve and my numbers, production and collection haven't increased so how do I not give her that expected raise most employees feel they deserve with an anniversary date? I will be paying her medical in full, which I consider a big raise of $4,000 to $5,000 per year.

Thank you.

Dr. Mississippi

Dear Doctor,

Consider this a learning curve. Any employee on the day they are hired are told that raises are dependent on their performance and the performance of the business. She's an office manager for 1 year so she knows your production hasn't increased and it doesn't sound like she's been real instrumental in making that happen. I suggest you go to my web-site and purchase this downloadable form: Employee Salary Review. This form will help to justify why you can't have

your payroll over 19-22% of your collections. If she doesn't understand business then she's not the right office manager for you.


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