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Risa Pollack-Simon
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Team First
Inspiring Team Accountability

If you’re somewhat baffled by a pervasive dwindling of momentum from your best and your brightest, you’re not alone! Over half the businesses in America struggle with reduced revenues from a lack of employee initiative.

What’s more surprising to learn is that this workforce dilemma is often times perpetuated by an organizational weakness. This weakness appears to be entrenched in businesses that lack a sense of employee purpose or value. Truth be known, business owners are driving employee initiative, simply by the way in which they honor (or ignore) their people.

When business owners recognize that their employees ‘incentive barometer’ can be greatly influenced by the sense of pride they exude in their workforce, this insidious dilemma quickly disappears.

Ultimately, the practice spotlight needs to be focused on the heartbeat of human connection, rather than the stopwatch behind task perfection. This “no cost” investment in human capital can be one of the most powerful mechanisms for influencing ordinary workers to seek extraordinary opportunities for advancing themselves and the organization!

What is called for here is a shift in people management. The goal is to increase the employee’s confidence, while intuitively connecting them to a higher purpose. While it’s a known fact that employees excel in performance and instinctively increase their desire to achieve more when they feel valued and appreciated; a simple “pat on the back” is simply not enough. If an organization wants to unleash the power of their people; they must align their core purpose so that it shares perceived value for employees as well.

The employer must also provide a clear understanding of what the organization is striving to achieve, while providing training to meet individual performance expectations. To ensure success, business owners need to give up their incessant need to micromanage people and events.  The most successful business owners have faith in their people. If a business owner lacks trust, they have either trained inadequately or simply selected the wrong candidate for the job.

Ask yourself, do you have the right people, in the right places, doing the right things for all the right reasons? If your answers share a level of uncertainty, follow these assessment steps:

  1. Assess individual job descriptions to ensure they specifically define the level of expectation. Setting specific expectations will ensure that you and your team function within their level of accountability. 
  2. Select only those individuals who are best suited for the job at hand.
  3. If training is needed, provide it!  Be sure both the trainer’s and trainee’s ego is “in check” to avoid any issues that may distract the training. Likewise, only assign competent trainers who choose to act in the best interest of the practice.
  4. Document training and request periodic progress reports from the trainer to ensure advancement does not occur until certain criteria is met.
  5. Ask all team members to periodically report quantifiable outcomes relative to their own job expectations. Be sure they are clear on what is expected and provide specific quantifiable measurements for each department and individual to shoot for.

As Einstein so eloquently communicated: While not everything that can be counted, counts; everything that counts, should be counted! Train your people to become more accountable. Team members who are asked to measure their own outcomes (along side their team’s collaborative efforts), will be able to position themselves for advancement through a heightened awareness of their own value.

Information is power –even if your employees are at the level of greatness you had always hoped; there is a sustainability factor that needs to be consistently nurtured. Simply put: individuals need to feel that their personal contribution is as important, (if not more important), than the tasks they perform.

Hence, when an individual’s contribution is monitored and acknowledged for greatness, their sense of pride will esteem a “pay-it-forward” desire to serve others in-kind.  So the next time you think that your employees are the cause of your problems, take a step back - and think again.

Ask yourself, “what have I done recently to empower my workforce to achieve greatness?” “Am Istagnating my team’s growth through my own ambiguity?” “Does my team truly understand what’s expected of them?” “Have I provided my team the proper training tools to surpass standard norms?” “Do I exude a sense of pride in my people?”

If you find yourself coming up short in an all too familiar leadership void, use the quickest route out by positioning your TeamFirst™. For when you do, you’ll begin to discover the hidden gem in leveraging your practice through the empowered wisdom of an esteemed workforce.

Risa Simon is a certified management consultant, national speaker and published author. Risa earned the mark of CMC, which represents evidence of meeting the highest standards within the consulting profession. For over two decades, Risa has been coaching dental professionals to enhance team harmony, improve operational efficiency, and ensure practice safety. For more information on Risa’s powerful new book “TeamFirst™: It’s All About Connection, Not Perfection!” and other transformational training resources, visit her website:  www.simonsaysseminars.com - or call 800 FON TEAM.

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