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Be #1 on Your Patients’ List this Holiday Season and Through the New Year
by Sally McKenzie CEO
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As the busy holiday season takes hold, patients become more and more distracted. The parties, the feasts, and the frenzied gift buying all take center stage during the next six weeks, not the dental appointments. Yep, it’s peak season for cancellations and no shows.

But this year, instead of bracing yourself with a cup of good cheer and leaving your year-end production to the mercy of the patients’ busy schedules, give yourself and your bottom-line one of the best tools on the market for ensuring that patients are in the dental chair as scheduled.  It’s an automated telephone marketing system offered by Elexity that allows practices to easily and efficiently confirm appointments, which is absolutely critical no matter what the season. But what I like even more is that it enables practices to bridge the communication gap with patients throughout the entire year.

Appointment confirmation feature. Although confirmation calls have been proven to pay off big for practices, they are typically viewed as a time consuming chore, and the task is relegated to the list of things the staff will get to when they have time. Consequently, the calls are never made and holes in the schedule pound the life out of production goals, especially during the holidays.

That’s where Elexity comes in. The company delivers appointment reminders through a telephone network system to patients notifying them via phone and email of their appointment. The calls can be customized for each day so that they can go out from a day to a week in advance. The patients know who is calling because the calls are made with the caller-id of the office and the email is sent with the email address of the office. Best of all, the technology enables the practice to create a personalized message in your voice (or staff voice) so all reminders are delivered in the familiar office voice. The voice is warm and friendly and the message is clear and effective. The system doesn’t place any more demands on an already overextended dental staff nor does it have to be managed by the doctor.

Moreover, the program is persistent. Elexity will attempt to connect to the recipient 6 times. If the call goes into voicemail, a message is left for the patient. If after the 6th attempt the system has been unable to reach the patient, your office is notified.

Then there’s the added feature of marketing the practice in between routine visits that enables the team to stay in touch with patients throughout the year. A periodic greeting from the office will link the patients to the practice and the practice to the patients at various times in between regularly scheduled appointments.

A congratulations message on a noteworthy accomplishment, a Happy Holidays greeting, a patient education message to inform them of a new service or treatment, or a communication to notify them that they have unused insurance benefits remaining, are subtle means of regularly reminding patients of your interest in them and are all available through Elexity’s Annual Patient Communications Campaign.

The beauty of the service is that the messages are pre-recorded by the doctor and/or team member, so the patient hears a familiar voice. The phone calls don’t tie up the practice phone system. And the best part, aside from recording a few patient messages, the distribution details are handled by Elexity. The service requires virtually NO staff time, yet patients feel as though you are personally communicating with them every two to three months.

To reinforce the telephone messages, Elexity also provides periodic email messages to patients. Like the telephone messages, these appear to come from the practice but require almost zero staff time. Essentially, it’s a full year of electronic marketing at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional marketing. 

So during this “most wonderful time of year” and throughout the coming New Year, give yourself the gift of a full schedule and solid production with the help of this innovative marketing tool.

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