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2.29.08 Issue #312 Forward This Newsletter To A Colleague

Dental Forms – Fast, Easy, Efficient, and Fully Customizable
by Sally McKenzie CEO
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“My practice is unique.” “We’re not like everyone else.” “We like to do things a certain way.” Indeed, dental practices are as individual as the dentists running them and the dental teams working in them. Although one aspect of running a dental practice may be universal – paperwork and lots of it – even that varies from practice to practice.

As every dental team knows all too well, before treatment can begin on any patient, reams of documentation and specific forms must be gathered. Medical history forms, informed consent, dental treatment options forms, treatment refusal forms, oral cancer screening forms, teeth whitening consent forms, refusal for X-ray forms, financial policy forms and on, and on, and on. Although many software programs give a variety of options for creating forms, I’ve found that MedicTalk DentForms, which works with most practice management software programs, provides virtually unlimited flexibility in customizing dental forms. And dental teams using the program concur.

For example, In Dr. Kenneth Pierson’s office, which is a sedation-only practice, several required forms simply weren’t available through standard software programs. Though his office could create paper forms and scan them in, there was no mechanism for actually designing specific computerized forms that would enable the practice to electronically gather and save all the necessary data his practice needs on every patient. That is, until he began working with DentForms. “It’s extremely flexible and allows you to save a lot of data and information without consuming a huge amount of your computer memory. It’s also very customizable. With most other programs, you don’t have the option to customize. It’s just take it or leave it. That’s not the case with DentForms,” says Dr. Pierson.

DentForms allows a practice to create digital reproductions of all paper forms. They can be changed, updated or modified – fully customized – based on the information needed. Forms requiring patient signatures, such as informed consent, HIPAA, medical histories and others, are stored in a digital format on the computer. No paper required. No filing necessary. No storage cabinet needed. And for those practices seeking to become truly paperless, no need to generate paper forms for the patient to complete and then scan them into the computer system. Now there’s a savings of time and money

Steve Lovotti is the business administrator in Dr. Pamela DiTomasso’s office. What he has found most beneficial with the DentForms system is that it’s not a static piece of software. “We can create any form we need and set it up exactly the way our office needs it set up. It’s become a huge time saver for us.” Among the many electronic documents that Dr. DiTomasso’s office has customized to meet the practice’s specific needs are the medical history, dental history, HIPPA, and any form that requires a patient signature. “It’s just extremely user- friendly,” adds Steve.

So, how does the patient complete the form without your practice having to print it out and hand it to them on a clipboard? This is accomplished by using a computer in the office. What about the patient’s signature? A signature device exactly like those used in virtually every grocery store allows the patients’ signature to be entered electronically on the document and is considered legal and binding. Even better, the system won’t allow a busy dental team member to overlook a required signature. To sign, the patient simply clicks the mouse and their electronically stored signature is applied to the appropriate document. The process is incredibly simple, fast and efficient for patients and the practice. As an added benefit, patients can complete forms online before their appointments if they prefer.

No more lost paperwork. No more required forms overlooked or forgotten. No more signatures required but not obtained. No more scanning documents into your system. What’s more, the program ensures that you never lose your records due to fire. They won’t fade or become damaged. They can’t be lost or misplaced and they can be backed up effortlessly.

It’s definitely the answer to the burdens of practice paperwork.

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