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Doctor, We’ve Locked Sally in the Closet …
by Sally McKenzie CEO
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We interrupt this regularly scheduled e-Management Newsletter to bring you a report from the McKenzie Management Corporate Team. We’ve tied Sally up with garland and temporarily locked her in the closet. No, this isn’t a practice management coup d’état, and yes we will let her out in time for the New Year. But the McKenzie Management team – Belle, Kerri, Crystal, Emily, Wes, Thom and Jenny – wanted to take a few minutes to let those of you who read this newsletter in on what things are like on our side of the computer screen, specifically during the holidays. We hear that some dentists and their teams could use a few new ideas to shake up the annual holiday celebration, so we thought we’d share our most recent experience.

Now as you might imagine, there is never a dull moment if you work for Miz M. and with every new employee orientation comes a case of Jolt because it’s the only way you’ll be able to keep up with the boss, particularly when that very special day of the year comes along for the McKenzie Management Holiday Party. 

Crystal here – I am usually answering the phone, so feel free to call me any time. This was my second McKenzie Management Christmas party. Actually, it’s really more than a party; it’s an event. And when we are participating in this “event” people walk up to us and want to know where we work because we are having so much fun. But we never know what to expect until the fun begins.

This year we were told only that the party would start at 11 a.m. and would not conclude until that evening around 9 p.m. At the appointed hour we all filed out the door and were greeted by a chauffeur in a stretch limo. We knew immediately this was going to be a very good day. First on the agenda was lunch at a great restaurant then it was off to the local mall.

It is here that the games began. Sally gave each of us a gift bag and specific instructions. In the bag was $210.10 in crumpled small bills and change. We had 80 minutes to figure out how much money we had to spend and dash through the mall to find seven items as described on the instruction page. For example, one item had to go around in a circle and make noise; another item had to be something a ballerina would want. And just in case anyone had any illusions that this task was going to be easy, we then learned that we would have to purchase the items at different stores. It doesn’t stop there, the person who spends closest to or equaling the amount in the bag gets $100 extra bonus. Go over the amount and you’re disqualified.  We are one competitive group, so each of us set out to win.

Kerri here- I am the McKenzie Management product and seminar coordinator. This was my first holiday party with the MM team. In a word – WOW! Doctors if you’re looking to really build team camaraderie and loyalty keep reading.

Crystal summed up part one of Miz M’s magnificent adventure, but it didn’t end there. Once our tired feet could take no more and we’d spent our wadded up cash on the seven items, it was back to the limo to relax, sip champagne and cool off … until we learned there would be round two. The next activity on the adventure involved more shopping. Everyone was given another bag with wadded up cash and change in the amount of 68.06. Similar concept as the first, although by now we’d drawn names and our charge was to purchase four gifts for a team member in four different categories, such as something in red, yellow, and green. No food, no gift cards allowed. This was no small challenge and we had just 40 minutes to get the job done. It was a blast.

The typical holiday party in most offices is lunch or dinner out. But there was so much creativity and effort that went into the adventure. It wasn’t about the gifts it was about having fun together, enjoying each other’s company, and doing something completely and totally different.

Emily here – I’ve worked for Sally for four years. Each year as December rolls around we start talking about what might be in store for the annual celebration. Whatever it is, we know it will be a great time. I think what makes us appreciate it so much more than the standard holiday party is that Sally, like every CEO, like every dentist, is extremely busy. The fact that she puts so much energy and effort to make sure that everyone has a great time says a lot about who she is as a leader and how much she appreciates us. We don’t talk about work; we just go out and have fun together. It definitely brings us all closer as a team. Everyone really feels like they are a part of a great organization, and, most important, Sally takes the time for us.

We wrapped up our day of adventure with a go-cart race challenge and a fabulous dinner at an excellent restaurant where we all showed off our purchases and enjoyed great food and great times with a great team and a great boss.

So the next time you’re looking for a way to thank your team for a job well done do something out of the ordinary. They’ll never forget it and they will always appreciate that you really tried to make them feel special. I know we sure do.

Happy New Year to each of you from the entire McKenzie Management Corporate Team … better let Sally out of the closet now.

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