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Dear Subscriber,

Each week over the past six years, I have written this newsletter to offer tips and guidance for you on a multitude of practice management topics. I have never requested anything in return, until now. Today I am asking you to help someone very close to me, my friend Risa Simon. Risa is in need of a kidney transplant and she’s having a difficult time finding a healthy blood type O donor. Through the power of this newsletter, I am able to reach thousands of individuals, all of us having the common bonds of dentistry and a sincere desire to help others. 

Many of you may know Risa. She has spoken nationwide to dental groups throughout the country. She is one of dentistry’s leading experts on OSHA, ergonomics and operatory efficiency. Risa is a bubbly and passionate individual, and over the years we have devoted our lives to helping dentistry.  We both started our consulting careers as assistants doing time and motion studies in the treatment room. While we may have begun as competitors, as our speaking engagements intertwined, we eventually met and became “sisters.” 

Risa has hereditary polycystic kidney disease, which has already squelched 80% of her kidney function. This genetic disease has no treatment or cure. Only a kidney transplant or dialysis will sustain Risa's life. And while dialysis is designed to preserve life, it can be debilitating, demoralizing and extremely restrictive. Be it tethered to a machine in an outpatient setting three to four hours a day (three times a week), or exchanging fluids several times a day (every day) at home, the task is arduous to say the least. So while dialysis may seem like it's a viable option, experienced users have said that it feels like it's only postponing their death. 

Right now, in addition to my friend Risa, there are more than 87,000 people waiting for a kidney. On average their wait for a deceased donor is five years. Yet almost any healthy individual can donate a kidney at any time! I am hopeful that Risa can receive a kidney transplant - before she is forced to go on dialysis. Transplant recipients can live a normal life with very few restrictions.

Will you please help me inspire good-hearted individuals who are already seeking extraordinary avenues to serve humankind to step forward on Risa's behalf? Perhaps you, personally, would like to help Risa but are concerned about the cost. I am pleased to tell you that her medical insurance will pay all medical expenses at Mayo Hospital in Phoenix, AZ.

You’ve wanted to make a powerful and profound impact on this world for many years. Learn what you can do to help Risa and others at www.kidneykinships.org, or contact me or Risa Simon directly at risasimon@cox.net. There are hundreds of thousands of people already searching for more purposeful service. Becoming a living kidney donor can be life changing for the recipient and the donor, particularly when this selfless gift can be celebrated by both parties. You can also help Risa by becoming a part of her team of advocates.

I am confident that we are just a click away from making an extraordinary difference in Risa’s condition. Please join me in forwarding this newsletter to colleagues, friends and family, and most importantly, please help me to save my friend's life. I truly believe that there is an army of angels – people just like you – who can make this happen for Risa and many, many others. Please do what you can now.

Thank you my friends,

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