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Seven Steps to a Stellar Hire
By Sally McKenzie, CEO

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You are at the threshold of the New Year. You have a new plan to shape what, for you, will be a new approach to creating a thriving practice in the 12 months ahead. At the center of your plan is an effective hiring system. No more flying into panic mode when an employee doesn’t work out or quits. No more settling for an applicant who seems “good enough.” You not only have the desire but also the specific strategy to hire true excellence, step-by-step.

Step 1 - You have job descriptions, so you know precisely what you will need this person to do, and applicants will be clear about what is expected on the job.

Step 2 - You have done your homework and you have an advertising strategy. You know which online job boards are the most effective, and you know which key points should be included in an effective employment ad.

Step 3 - You have clear plans for the interview process. First, the telephone screening will help you weed out the “maybes” from the “must meets.” You know precisely what information to gather from the applicant during the telephone interview, including what it is about the position that appeals to them, an understanding of their salary and benefit expectations, and what is prompting the applicant to explore another job. From the phone interview, you will have a specific list of applicants that you will invite for the face-to-face interview.

Step 4 - Those that are invited to interview will be asked to complete two online tests. One is the Keirsey Temperament sorter, which can be found at www.keirsey.com. This test gives employers a good sense of an applicant’s personality preferences. Although it is not an indicator of whether an employee will succeed or fail in a position, it does point out certain behavior preferences, such as whether the individual is more introverted or extroverted, and whether they prefer to work on a schedule or like environments that are more loosely structured.

The second is an objective test that measures each applicant against a statistically valid profile of the “ideal” candidate for that position. It is known as Talent Management Testing for Dentistry, which can be found at www.mckenziemgmt.com/employeetesting.htm and it provides a statistically valid and scientifically based hiring assessment tool for dentists. The computerized assessment measures job applicants against a profile of the “ideal” dental practice employee for each position. The procedure is simple: Applicants answer a list of questions online. Just minutes later, the dentist receives a statistically reliable report enabling him/her to clearly determine if the candidate under consideration would be a good match for the position being filled. It’s straightforward and accurate. What’s more, this carefully tested and thoroughly researched hiring tool is fully compliant with legal requirements associated with employee testing.

Step 5 - The applicant will also be asked to complete a third test, which is a skills test that is designed specifically for the position. This might be part of a working interview in which a business applicant would be expected to perform basic math problems or an assistant may be asked to perform routine assisting duties.

Step 6 - During the interview, you are prepared to ask questions that reveal how the applicants would handle specific real-life scenarios. For example, you might ask a prospective business employee how s/he would handle a patient that had not made a payment on his/her account for 60 days. You might ask a prospective assistant how s/he would handle a situation in which the doctor is running behind schedule 30 minutes and a patient of record walks in with an emergency. 

Step 7 - This time you will check references. No more getting caught up in the excitement of hiring the “perfect” employee only to discover that they are not so perfect after all. This time, you’ll check ‘em out. You’ll make sure that you talk to previous supervisors and others who worked directly with the applicant. And this time you’ll pay as much attention to what isn’t said as what is said.  

Once the new hire is in the practice, you will help them succeed. The employee will know what is expected and how their performance will be measured. In addition, you will provide routine, ongoing and direct feedback to help new employees learn the ropes, and existing staff better perform.

Twelve months from now your practice will be enjoying its best year yet!

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