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7 Ways to Improve Implant Case Presentation in Your Practice
By Sally McKenzie, CEO

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Investing in implant dentistry is a big decision for your patients. While many of them are interested in implants, and may even ask you about this popular treatment option, there’s a lot for patients to consider before they say yes.

If you want to increase the number of implant cases you perform each year, you have to focus on improving your case presentations and educating patients about the many benefits implants provide. Not sure what that entails? Don’t worry, I can help. Here’s how you can improve implant case presentation in your practice, get more patients to say yes to implant treatment and ultimately grow production numbers and your bottom line.

1. Introduce them to implants. Most of your patients have likely heard about dental implants, but they might not know exactly what they are or how they work. I recommend using a tablet PC or other patient education tools to teach patients about implants and how they’re used to replace decayed or missing teeth.

2. Provide education. The more educated patients are, the more likely they are to say yes to needed treatment. If you don’t already have one, consider hiring a Treatment Coordinator and tasking this team member with providing case presentations for every producer in the practice. The Treatment Coordinator should take the time to go over all possible treatment options and the risks and benefits associated with those options. The coordinator should answer any questions patients have about implants, and ease their concerns about perceived barriers to care.

These treatment presentations should take place in a relaxed, comfortable environment. It’s also important to give your Treatment Coordinator a written script to follow. You don’t want the discussion to become too technical or graphic. The script can help prepare your coordinator for common implant-related questions that patients will bring up during the presentation.

3. Talk about payment options. Many patients will be concerned about the cost associated with implants, but you don’t want the price tag to keep patients from moving forward with treatment. While this shouldn’t be the focus of the case presentation, it should be part of it. After your Treatment Coordinator goes over the process and answers any questions, it’s time to have the financial discussion.

Tell patients how much the treatment will cost, and what financing options you offer. If you offer third-party financing such as CareCredit, I guarantee patients will feel more comfortable paying for treatment. Instead of writing one large check, third-party financing allows them to make small payments over time. This is much more manageable, and relieves the financial burden associated with implant dentistry.

4. Don’t let patients leave your office empty handed. After the case presentation, give patients a copy of their treatment plan, a treatment financing plan, educational materials about implants and a list of websites they can visit if they want to learn more about the process.

5. Follow up. Most patients won’t decide if they want to go forward with treatment on the spot. They’ll want to take some time to think about their options and talk everything over with their spouse. Schedule a follow-up appointment with every patient, especially if they decide they’re not quite ready to go forward with treatment.

6. Be available. Encourage patients to call or email you if they think of any other questions about the proposed treatment after they leave the office. Let them know you’re happy to address any concerns they have, and that the doctor has experience successfully delivering this kind of treatment.

7. Reinforce the benefits of implant dentistry. Just because a patient says no to treatment today, doesn’t mean that patient won’t say yes tomorrow. Keep in mind patients opt to forego treatment for many reasons, and their situations change over time. If you and your team members continue to reinforce the benefits of recommended treatment at subsequent visits, more patients will eventually move forward with treatment.

Implant dentistry can bring many benefits to both your patients and your practice. Placing more implants will help grow your revenues, and will give patients another reason to call your practice their dental home.

Patients are becoming more and more interested in implants, and they know it’s a treatment option that can improve both function and esthetics. If you take the time to properly present implants as an option and educate patients about the benefits of this investment in their oral health, you’ll find more patients will say yes to implant treatment – boosting your production numbers and your bottom line.

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