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Donít Have Job Descriptions? Hereís Why You Should
By Sally McKenzie, CEO

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Most dentists shut down when I start talking about job descriptions. They think they’re a waste of time, and would rather focus on other practice-building strategies.

While there are many changes you can make to improve practice production and increase revenues, creating detailed job descriptions is one of the best places to start. Think about it. Your team can’t be very effective if they don’t have clear goals or know what tasks they’re expected to complete each day. Job descriptions give them the guidance they need to excel in their roles, and that translates into enhanced efficiencies and increased productivity.

Like it or not, job descriptions play a role in your success. Without them, your team members, and ultimately your practice, will struggle. Still don’t believe me? Here are four ways detailed job descriptions can benefit your practice.

1. You’ll hire the right people. Not only do job descriptions help keep current employees on the right track, they also help you find qualified candidates with the necessary skill set when it’s time to hire. Job descriptions truly make the hiring process easier for everyone involved. Candidates will know exactly what you’re looking for, and can bow out early in the process if they don’t like what the role entails – saving you from wasting time and money on applicants who aren’t right for the job. Job descriptions also help guide you through the hiring process so you can easily spot candidates who are the best fit for the open position. 

2. Job descriptions boost team morale. Team members crave guidance from you, the practice CEO. Without it they’ll feel lost, which leads to stress and frustration. To be successful, team members need a clear picture of their role as well as your expectations. This direction will make them more confident. They’ll come to work with a purpose, ready to meet both individual and practice goals. Team members will also feel more connected to the practice, and less likely to spend time job hunting during their off hours.

Another benefit? Job descriptions make your team members more efficient and more productive, which of course translates into a more robust bottom line.

3. They make team members accountable. It’s important for team members to take ownership of their systems, but they can’t do that if they’re not sure which systems they’re accountable for or how you expect those systems to perform. Remember, they’re not mind readers, as nice as that would be. Include specific performance measurements in every job description to ensure team members understand who’s responsible for what. Trust me, this will go a long way in improving practice efficiencies.

4. You won’t have to worry as much about staff conflict. Most dentists hate the thought of dealing with staff conflict. It makes them uncomfortable, so they choose to ignore it as long as possible. The problem is, conflict can be pretty damaging, and as much as you’d like to tell yourself issues between staff members will go away on their own, they won’t. 

What does this have to do with job descriptions? Clear, detailed job descriptions can help to significantly reduce conflict in your office. Many issues pop up because team members just aren’t clear who’s responsible for what. When there’s no clear direction, tasks often don’t get done properly, if they’re done at all, and that can cause resentment and tension among team members.

Creating job descriptions will help save you from the headaches and thousands of dollars in lost revenue that often comes with staff conflict. Remember, when team members are gossiping about each other, they’re not as productive as they should be and they’re certainly not focusing on your patients – and that could cost you money. If patients don’t feel like a priority in your practice, or if all that tension makes them uncomfortable, they won’t hesitate to find another dental home.

Have I convinced you yet? The truth is, job descriptions will help make your team members more focused and more productive, which will ultimately grow your bottom line. If you don’t already have detailed job descriptions, I suggest you set aside time to sit down with your team members and create them together.

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of creating job descriptions, don’t worry. I can help with that. Click here for examples of common job descriptions or feel free to contact me for more guidance.

Next week: Tips to help you create job descriptions that get results

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