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Help Your Office Manager Excel
By Sally McKenzie, CEO

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Hiring an Office Manager can bring many benefits to your practice. This new team member will take on the business and HR related tasks you’d rather not deal with, giving you more time to focus on patient care and providing a top-notch experience. Yes, this team member can help reach your goals and meet your full potential – but only if he or she is set up for success from the beginning.

Dentists often have pretty high expectations when they hire an Office Manager, only to be disappointed. They end up even more stressed out than they were before, and practice performance doesn’t improve at all. In some cases, it even gets worse.

If your new Office Manager isn’t performing as you had hoped, it’s important to take a step back and ask yourself why. Did you hire the right person for the job? Is this person both good with numbers and dealing with people? If the answer is yes, the problem could be the new team member simply doesn’t have the right tools or guidance from you, the practice leader. Here’s what every Office Manager needs to excel in this vital role:

A detailed job description. Job descriptions serve as a road map to success. Without one, your Office Manager will feel lost – even if this person has years of experience working in a dental practice. When crafting this (or any other) job description, be sure to include tasks, necessary skillset, your expectations and performance measurements.

Proper training. Most dentists don’t exactly feel comfortable training their Office Manager. They’ve hired this person to take on tasks they’d rather avoid, after all, and they expect the new manager to just automatically know what to do. Many dentists also see training as a waste of time, and would prefer their team members learn on the job.

Unfortunately, skipping training can cost you big. Without proper training, your manager won’t be as efficient or effective as possible. This leads to wasted time, frustration and ultimately, lost revenues. Proper training will help ensure your manager is comfortable with the role and ready to handle all it entails, including managing practice financials as well as various HR issues.

Now that you know your manager needs training, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to make that happen. You’re in luck, because I can help with that through the McKenzie Management Office Manager Training Course. This course is designed to set Office Mangers up for success, giving them the confidence and skills necessary to excel.

Your trust. Many dentists struggle with this, which makes it difficult for their managers to be effective. While they want someone to take over the business side of the practice, they don’t want to give up any control. They expect to be part of every decision, which defeats the purpose of hiring an Office Manager. You must trust that your manager will make the right decisions, and will only get you involved if necessary. When you give your manager this type of authority, you’ll have less stress in your day and a much more efficient office.

Your partnership. If you’re the CEO of your practice, think of your Office Manager as the COO, or the Chief Operating Officer. Treat this team member as a true partner. When you do, your manager will know you have confidence in his or her abilities. This will help ensure that the manager takes ownership of the role and really starts to shine. And you’ll know that financial and HR tasks are under control, enabling you to focus on what matters most: your patients.

Once you’ve decided to hire an Office Manager, you’ll likely be eager to get this new team member on board. You’ll have visions of a much more productive office, successful marketing campaigns that attract new patients and a more efficient staff. These are all among the many benefits that come with adding an Office Manager to your practice’s team, but only if you hire the right person and then provide the tools and guidance needed to succeed.

For additional information on this topic and more, visit my blog: The Lighter Side

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