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How Bad Hires Cost You Patients and Hurt Practice Profits
By Sally McKenzie, CEO

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You can’t run a successful dental practice on your own. You need strong, talented team members to support you and do their part to move the practice forward. Yet, I’ve seen so many dentists rush through the hiring process every time they have an open position, bringing on people who do nothing but hold the practice back.

Just one bad hire can cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue. That’s why it’s so important to develop a hiring process and stick to it, no matter how quickly you want to fill a position.

That process should include developing a job description, placing a detailed ad, watching for common red flags in resumes, conducting phone interviews, asking the right questions when you meet candidates face-to-face, and conducting personality assessment tests before making an offer. It shouldn’t include hiring the first person you see with an impressive resume or bringing on a family member who doesn’t have the right skillset or temperament for the job. 

Hiring the wrong person leads to stress for everyone in the office and damages your practice. Not convinced? Here’s how bad hires can cost you patients and hurt practice profits.

Bad hires lead to staff conflict. If your Scheduling Coordinator doesn’t know how to properly schedule your hygienist, or your Office Manager thinks it’s OK to take long lunches and stroll in late most days, it will lead to conflict among your team members. When tensions rise, your patients will notice and it will make them uncomfortable. When patients are uncomfortable, they usually don’t come back.

Your practice won’t be nearly as efficient as it should be. There are two types of bad hires: the ones who just aren’t qualified for the role and the ones who intend to do the least amount of work possible and still collect a paycheck. Whichever one you end up with, the result is the same – a reduction in practice efficiencies. This could lead to longer wait times for patients, not to mention a lot of undue stress for the rest of your team. Not only will productivity go down, you’ll likely end up losing patients.

Customer service will suffer. When team members spend their time gossiping or complaining about one another, or struggle to perform their daily tasks, they’re certainly not focusing on providing an exceptional patient experience. If customer service isn’t a priority, patients won’t feel as welcome in the practice, which could lead them to make their next appointment at the practice down the street.

You’ll experience more turnover. The reason dentists fill open positions so quickly is because they want to get the hiring process over with as soon as they can. The problem is, that usually backfires. When you bring someone on who isn’t qualified, that person will likely be miserable and end up quitting, if you don’t have to let him or her go first.

You might also find that other team members decide to jump ship. If a bad hire is causing too many problems and conflict in the practice, even your most loyal employees will only be able to take so much before they start looking for another job. This leads to more stress in the practice and makes it difficult for patients to develop a connection with your ever-changing team.

I understand hiring new employees probably isn’t one of your favorite items on the to-do list, but making the right staffing choices really is vital to your success. Rushing through the process will lead to nothing but trouble. It’s better to leave a position open until you find the right person than to hire someone you hope will work out. Chances are that employee won’t last, and you’ll be right back where you started. 

The bottom line is this: Bad hires cost you patients and eat into practice profits. They leave your other team members feeling stressed, and your patients thinking it might be time to find a new dental home. But qualified, hard-working team members, on the other hand, will do their part to contribute to practice success and help you meet your full potential.

If you’re still not sure how to hire the best people possible for your team, feel free to contact me. I’ll help you come up with a plan designed to attract talented, hard-working people to your staff.

Next week: Don’t just hire the best people, set them up for success

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