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Patients Who Do Your Practice More Harm Than Good
By Sally McKenzie, CEO

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You dread seeing certain patient names show up on the schedule. First there’s Mrs. Jones, who just can’t seem to get to her appointments on time (if she shows up at all). Then you have Mr. Fletcher, who likes to argue with your front office about the cost of treatment and is always late with his payment.

These types of patients are just about guaranteed to bring stress to your day, and in most cases are actually doing your practice more harm than good. That’s why it’s so important to attract the right patients to your practice. You want patients who accept treatment and refer you to family and friends; they’re the ones who will help your practice grow and get you closer to reaching your goals.

Ready to build that loyal patient base? Here’s a list of the types of patients who can damage your practice, and advice on how to turn these problem patients into loyal patients.

Patients who never come back. It costs five times more to attract new patients to your practice than it does to keep the ones you already have – so make sure your marketing efforts don’t go to waste. But if new patients don’t feel a connection to your practice after that first visit, chances are they won’t come back. You not only lose out on any undiagnosed treatment those patients have, but any referrals they might have made to family and friends.

How can you help new patients feel a connection? Focus on providing an exceptional experience. Make them feel welcome from the moment they walk through the door. Talk with them about their oral health goals, and what services can help them meet those goals. Ask about their families and jobs. When you educate patients and start building a rapport, they’ll want to call your practice their dental home.

Patient retention is key to your practice’s success and should be at about 95%. Not sure where your practice falls? Click here to take my free Patient Retention Assessment.

Patients who blow off their appointments. Broken appointments are a huge problem in many dental practices. When patients cancel at the last minute or don’t show up at all, it wreaks havoc on your schedule and costs you money – lots of money. In fact, if your practice averages two cancellations/no-shows a day, at a value of about $100-$125 each, you’re losing more than $40,000 a year. You read that right. Forty thousand dollars a year!

You probably want to know how to reduce these costly broken appointments. You can start by making sure patients understand the value of their appointment and maintaining their oral health. This goes back to focusing on patient education. Educated patients are much more likely to accept treatment and show up at their scheduled time.

I also suggest you confirm all appointments two days in advance. This serves as a reminder to your patients, and if they’re not able to make their appointment, it gives your Scheduling Coordinator time to fill the open slot.

Patients who never pay on time. Some patients put off paying for treatment for as long as possible. They always seem to have some excuse, or promise that the check is in the mail. Unfortunately, collection is something many practices struggle with, and if yours is one of them, it’s killing your bottom line.

To help ensure patients pay on time, I suggest you establish a clear financial policy. Make sure patients understand when payment is expected; don’t leave any room for confusion. Another tip? Consider offering third party financing from a company like CareCredit. This will ensure you get paid for what you produce, while giving patients an affordable, interest-free way to pay for larger cases. And keep in mind third party financing not only helps you get paid on time, it also makes patients more comfortable going forward with expensive treatment. Instead of writing one big check, they can break up the cost into more manageable monthly payments.

As much as I hate to say it, there are certain types of patients who do your practice more harm than good. But with a few changes, you can turn these problem patients into the loyal patients your practice needs – ultimately boosting productivity and your bottom line.

Next week: How to attract (and keep!) the best patients

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