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August 12, 2002

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Sally McKenzie's Weekly Management e-Motivator---Issue #24

Scheduling at the Speed of Sound

Dr. Whirligig is zipping around at his usual record pace. Arms flailing, head spinning, instruments flying, it’s the New York Marathon this doc is running from dawn past dusk, frantically dashing from chair to chair desperately trying to work it all in. Mainlining caffeine with NoDoz® chasers couldn’t keep this team on time. To say this group is stressed is like saying the Great Wall of China is long – uh, yeah.

Then there’s the issue with the patients. “You need a filling, Mrs. Jones; we’ll get you in as soon as possible – in 10 weeks.” Ouch! The problem: scheduling is totally out of whack. First, everybody has their hands in it, and nobody is accountable for it. Second, entire treatment plans are being booked, choking the already gasping lineup. Third, roll the dice and pick 30, 60, or 90 minutes for appointments as there is absolutely no consistency in the amount of time booked for the same procedures. The hygienists and assistants are scheduling patients for subsequent treatments and overlooking that little detail about consulting with the doctor first. Fourth, the doctor is so overbooked it’s common to have two ortho checks and a retainer seating scheduled opposite a 30-minute filling and a new patient exam.

Yes, this is a four-point plan for a nervous breakdown. Sound familiar?

Sally’s Recommended Actions

  1. Designate a scheduling coordinator who is responsible and accountable for the schedule.
  2. Provide the scheduling coordinator specific directions from the doctor as to what specifically needs to be done during a patient’s next appointment and exactly how much time will be needed.
  3. Color code the doctor’s time so as not to book the doctor performing four procedures at the same time.
  4. Book no more than two appointments at a time for ongoing treatment plans. For example, schedule one appointment for a crown prep and one for a crown seat.

Now, take three deep breaths and call me in the morning.

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Mark Dilatush, VP of Professional Relations

Patient Base Measurement
Purpose: To see if your practice is growing, in a plateau, or declining.

What to do:

  1. Run a production report for every provider in the office for the past 6 months.
  2. Add up all of the comprehensive exam codes.
  3. Run a recall report for everyone STILL due into the office during the same 6 month time period.
  4. See which number is higher. Our guess is, the recall list. If that is true, your practice is losing patients faster than it is bringing them in.


  1. Once per month

What now?
There are several reasons why this may be happening. Call us toll free 1-877-777-6151 or email Mark@mckenziemgmt.com and we will give you specific reports to run based on your verbal feedback to our questions to uncover why.

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