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September 2, 2002

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Sally McKenzie's Weekly Management e-Motivator---Issue #27

The Interview Before the Interview

When Dr. Ray gave Mary the figure, her face turned ashen. She looked like she had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness. He tried to cover his tracks, stammering, floundering, red-faced, and completely unprepared for the reaction. “It’s not that bad, really. We can work with it. I’ll see what I can do,” he pleaded. Dr. Ray’s applicant, Mary, was a practically perfect candidate. She had a clear command of dental terminology, five years’ experience, an ambitious problem solver, and sterling references. She appeared to be as impressed with Dr. Ray and his practice as he was with her. The problem: Mary’s salary expectations were completely out of line with what Dr. Ray had to offer.

Salary is a touchy subject, but it is one of a few issues that will likely make or break an applicant’s consideration for the position. It’s best to get a sense of those issues well before you invest the time, energy, and expense of holding face-to-face interviews. Conduct initial telephone screenings and use them to address the most pressing concerns upfront. For example, if the position is going to require working evenings and weekends, you need to know now if that is a problem for the applicant.

Sally’s Recommended Actions

  1. When making the call to applicants offer just the basics. “Hello Mary, this is Dr. Roger Ray and I’m calling regarding the résumé you sent to my office for the business assistant position. I’m a general practitioner located off Business 54, and as the ad stated I am looking for a full-time business assistant.” Don’t try to sell the position.

  2. If there are gaps in employment history now is the time to find out why.

  3. Ask the applicant what salary range they are expecting.

  4. Find out if the applicant has a “must have” list for future employment and what is on the list.

  5. Pay attention to the applicant’s tone, attitude, and grammar on the phone, particularly if the position requires handling patient phone calls.

  6. If you know from the telephone interview that this is not a candidate you are interested in pursuing exit gracefully, “Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I still have other applicants to contact. Then I will choose four candidates to interview further. I will contact you next week if you are selected.”

Save yourself and your applicant time and frustration, get a few of the major issues on the table before you sit down with candidates face-to-face.

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Technology Tool Box
A series of short weekly chores designed to keep the return on investment in technology at its highest level.
Mark Dilatush, VP of Professional Relations
, McKenzie Management
Mark@mckenziemgmt.com • 1-877-777-6151 Ext. 28

Treatment Plan Data
Purpose: Increase efficiency, increase production, better service to your patients

What to do:

  1. Run an outstanding treatment plan report once each month.
  2. Review every entry for age and validity.
  3. Remove any entry that has already been completed.
  4. Remove any entry older than 180 days.
  5. Re-run the report, store for comparison to next month.


  1. Start today
  2. Re-run sequence each month

What now?

  1. Compare “real” treatment plan numbers from month to month. Discover trends before they become problems.
  2. Call your outstanding treatment plans to fill the schedule or holes in the schedule as a part of your daily routine.
  3. Use the treatment plan information to automatically populate the appointment screen when the appointment is made.
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