Sally McKenzie's Monday Morning Management Memorandum #3

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March 18, 2002


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Hygiene Outcomes and Accountability?

Whoa, What a Concept! Swoooshhh. There went another 10 grand down the commode, as the hygiene department
maintains its usual lackluster performance for another month. The golden opportunities
of hygiene production are, at best, unrealized income potential for many practices. At worst,
they are a well-kept secret stymieing your practice profitability and keeping you at the mercy
of a mediocre employee and antiquated systems. But how do you get the most out of your hygiene
department? By measuring outcomes and insisting on accountability says Sally McKenzie, founder

  • If the hygienist receives a guaranteed salary regardless of their production the
    expectation must be that they produces three times their salary.
  • In addition to a base salary, consider paying hygienists a commission for
    achieving additional production.
  • Schedule the hygienist to produce at 3x her daily wage.
  • Evaluate fees and determine if they are too low. Look at the procedures conducted
    in an hour to determine the production per hour costs. If the hygienist is paid $25 per
    hour and the cost for the prophy, not including the dentist's exam, is $50, the hygienist
    is making 50 cents on the dollar.
  • The hygiene salary should be less than 33% of their production, not including the doctor's exam fee.
  • Insist on periodontal assessment. One-third of hygiene production should be in
    interceptive periodontal therapy. Require the hygienist measure the total number of
    dollars produced in the 4,000 code and divide it by their total production.
    Report that once per month at the monthly meeting.
  • Customize the time per patient based on patient need not on a standard one-hour
    allocation for each patient.
  • Provide hygiene hours in the evening if patients are requesting late appointments.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of pre-scheduling. Practices using six month scheduling
    achieve only 76% patient retention and have a nearly 50% higher loss of patients
    than similar-sized practices that do not pre-appoint.


Close the lid on poor hygiene production, doctor, and you'll see financial
improvements you never thought possible.




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