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October 14, 2002

You have 52 days to reach your year end GOALS . . .
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Will your patient retention increase to add days of hygiene?
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Sally McKenzie's Weekly Management e-Motivator---Issue #33

'Hands off' Treatment Presentation

In Dr. Smith's eyes, he's practically in treatment acceptance heaven. He boasts a case acceptance rate that is consistently between 60-69% - not bad. And it is apparently far better than his associate's. Dr. Jones's acceptance rate is teetering somewhere between 30-35%. Both doctors incorrectly assume that patients want treatment presentations only from the doctor. In reality, patients are far more comfortable discussing treatment plans with an auxiliary. Consequently, both are wasting valuable production time presenting treatment plans that are not yielding the results they could or should yield.

While Dr. Smith's numbers may look better than Dr. Jones's, they are average at best. Treatment acceptance should be at 85%, and both doctors could benefit significantly from enlisting the assistance of a treatment coordinator.

Sally's Recommended Actions

1. Assign treatment presentation to a member of the staff or hire an employee who:
  • Is quick to build rapport with patients
  • Has an understanding of dentistry and dental procedures
  • Believes in the doctor and his or her skills
  • Is well organized
  • Is able to comfortably discuss fees and financial arrangements with patients
2. Provide professional training for the treatment coordinator.

3. Assign the treatment coordinator the following responsibilities:
  • Educating patients about dentistry
  • Conducting case presentations
  • Completing new patient introductions
  • Following-up on outstanding treatment
  • Building insurance information files that can be accessed easily
  • Presenting fees for the recommended treatment plans and establishing payment terms with patients
4. Expect the treatment coordinator to meet with all new patients, emergency patients, those scheduled for a consultation, and patients scheduled with other providers that require a consultation.

Treatment presentation requires considerable time and preparation. While the dentist plays an integral role in case acceptance, the details of presentation can be most effectively delegated to a trained member of the team.

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Technology Tool Box

Mark Dilatush
VP of Professional Relations

for McKenzie Management


1-877-777-6151 Ext. 28

A series of short weekly chores designed to keep the return on investment in technology at its highest level.
Top Ten Technology Do's and Don't's #3

Purpose: Every week we will publish one of the top ten. Unlike the "Tonight Show", these are not in any particular order. These are compiled from watching 20 years of mistakes and helping to fix those mistakes. We would rather you just avoid the mistakes!

    I am switching practice management software? I want all of my old data to come out of my old system and go in the right place of my new system. Isn't this what I should expect?
    Not only NO, but heck NO! It'll never happen the way you think it will. But don't worry, read below... ...
What Not to do:
    Do not flip out on your software vendor. Chances are, they told you what to expect but you didn't listen or didn't want to hear.
    Do not expect anything more than demographic information and even that will need to be cleaned up manually after the conversion.
What to do:
    Use this unfortunate incident to create a positive result.
    A previous installment discussed "garbage in garbage out". This is the PERFECT time to clean up your database. You'll spend an average of 6 minutes per patient record to cleanse and update your data. That's about 100 man hours per average solo practice.
    Cleanse your data systematically. Start with the patients who owe you money and then the patients in your schedule, then patients on your recall list before you send your notices. In six months (little by little), you will have a clean and productive active database on a more powerful management system.
    Expect LESS from your data conversion so you're surprised when the company delivers MORE than you expect.
    Expect and PLAN additional man hours for this process. Make sure the person cleaning the database is familiar with your established office policies/procedures and understands the new protocols established for your new system.
    Getting a new practice management system CAN be an exciting and positive turning point in a dental practice. It's all in the expectations and planning.

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