Sally McKenzie's Monday Morning Management Memorandum #5

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April 1, 2002


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McKenzie Management and Associates -

A full service, in-office dental management consulting company specializing in the business, clinical,
and hygiene areas of practices nationwide. Their clients include thousands of dental practices
in over 40 states throughout the U.S. Sally McKenzie, President founded the company in 1980.
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Burbank Dental Lab:

is a full service lab providing fixed restorations that combine science,
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Lares Research:

Lares Research assures the successful integration of its PocketPro Laser and Laser
SoftCare™ into your practice through the industry's most complete clinical training
and support system. To learn more about the tremendous benefits to your patients
and your practice by including the Lares PocketPro laser and Laser SoftCare into your
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Finances, via lease or loan, dental and office equipment, leasehold improvements, working
capital and supply contracts at fixed competitive rates, with no points, variables or hidden fees.
HPSC also offers a variety of financing programs to dental professionals seeking to set up,
expand, buy into, or acquire a practice. Since 1975, we have financed over 100.000
healthcare professionals and have funded a great many who purchased existing



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Win/Win Patient Financing


Twelve months free financing! Ninety days same as cash! Consumers love
special offers and they are willing to plunk down the money for services and
products they want and need when the price is right. While financing
gimmicks like those screaming at you from the television or radio may
not be appropriate for your dental practice, providing solid financing options
for patients is far more than a gimmick. "In fact, treatment financing through
patient financing companies can help you secure high dollar treatment plans
and help patients receive the dentistry they have always wanted and, most
importantly, the care they need," says Sally McKenzie, founder of Establishing a relationship with a patient
financing company makes treatment more affordable through small, monthly payments,
which, in some cases, are interest free.

Payment plans have several advantages:

  • They allow the patient to schedule the number of appointments
    needed to complete treatment &endash; not the number of appointments
    the patient believes they can afford.
  • They allow procedures to be scheduled immediately rather than waiting
    until the patient can afford it, which could be &endash; in the patient's mind &endash; never.
  • They require no down payment.
  • They can offer lower and more flexible payments than your office.
  • They allow repayment over an extended period.


When participating in patient financing programs, staff should take time
to understand the benefits provided to the patient and be able to
explain those benefits clearly. In addition, establishing a patient-financing
program provides an excellent opportunity to contact patients that didn't
complete treatment plans because they felt they couldn't afford them.
A patient financing program also can be used to reduce existing balances.
Rather than forcing the office to provide seemingly interminable interest free loans to
patients, the practice is paid immediately and patients have a payment plan they can handle.




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