Sally McKenzie's Monday Morning Management Memorandum #8

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April 22, 2002


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Mystified by dwindling patient numbers?

Like lemmings over the cliff, patients are taking a flying leap right out of your practice.
And you don't have a clue as to what's prompting this apparent mass exodus.
There are a number of reasons why your numbers may be dwindling, including:

1. Ineffective patient retention. Patients that cancel, fail appointments, or
say they will call back need to be tracked by the patient coordinator. Make
a specific number of calls everyday to pull errant patients back into the system.

2. An ineffective or non-existent marketing plan. At a minimum, provide
patients readily available, pre-printed brochures on dental services you offer.

3. Lack of treatment planning. Treatment planning is not a list of oral
health needs. A treatment plan details the number of appointments
necessary, time necessary for each appointment, and the cost for
each appointment. Keep it on file in the computer system and sell it to
the patient as a plan.

4. Ineffective case presentation. Measure your case acceptance.
Rehearse and role-play case presentations. Seek training to learn
how to effectively "close the sale."

5. Reputation for being expensive. Perception is reality, doctor. It's
going to take a lot to overcome the perception that you may be good
but exorbitantly overpriced. It is possible to establish a fee structure
that is affordable for patients and fiscally sound for your practice, but
you will need to base your fees on solid data.

Establish a fee schedule that has a standard for each service, look
at each procedure and determine the time required, the fixed expenses
necessary to run the office, variable expenses such as supplies and lab
fees, and the income required per hour to compensate you, the dentist.

Most patients don't want to switch dentists once they've established a
trusting relationship. Keep them informed. Keep them involved. And
keep them in your practice.




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