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Performance Measurements for The Dental Team - (Book)

The digital eBook includes setting job descriptions, performance measurement graphs for a dentist, scheduling coordinator, patient coordinator, hygienist, clinical assistant, financial coordinator along with example skill statements to measure the skills that help produce the results. Downloadable extras include excel graph templates to customize each employee position. All can be used right away. You will receive an email from with a link to view the book and a link to download the graphs.

Performance Measurements $89

An Easy and Effective Method to Measure
Your Dental Employee’s Performance
By Sally McKenzie, CEO McKenzie Management

Quite often, there is a disconnect between the performance/results the doctor desires and the performance/results the employee delivers. The doctor sees an employee as a non-performer who can’t “do the job.” The employee sees a doctor who “cannot lead and doesn’t know how to communicate what s/he wants.” Both are wrong. Both are lacking the fundamental ingredient necessary for success: clearly established performance measurements. The most successful performance measurements are based on individual jobs. They focus on specific job-related goals and how those relate to improving the total practice. However, practices are inclined to establish group bonus plans based on the combined efforts of staff to reach specific production and collection figures. But group participation implies equal contribution toward group objectives. Yet in reality, the business coordinator schedules production, the clinical assistant aids in production, and the dentist and hygienist produce. These are not equal functions.

My Performance Measurements eBook and downloadable Excel graphs provide performance metrics for each employee. Employees appreciate feedback when it is backed up by data. The uniqueness of Performance Measurements is performance skill statements which are clear statements of your expectations. I have provided plenty of examples for you to use now and graphs to create your own. Remember, developing a strong team is key to practice growth. Establishing a performance measurement system ensures everyone stays on track.