Purchasing an existing dental practice comes with tough decisions and major anxiety. But, with the help of McKenzie Management, it can also be the opportunity to make sure the implementation of your philosophy and vision is done exactly the way you want.” Sally McKenzie, CEO

When you buy an existing practice, it comes with established employees, systems and a mind-set of “This is how we’ve always done it.” McKenzie Management created this program to set you up with success and provide you with the knowledge and tools to make this transition as smooth as possible. Our objective is to help you have as little stress as possible and to make the process an enjoyable one. We eliminate the fear of failure.

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Phase I Pre-Purchase Preparation

“How am I going to keep these patients? What if the employees don’t like me? I am feeling overwhelmed.”
Sound familiar? Being a new business owner takes more than a dental degree. McKenzie Management’s approach is to EMPOWER you, not to enable you. The day you get the keys to your practice is the culmination of your dream. Phase I prepares you for the timeline of important details that must be implemented Prior to getting the keys to your new practice and prepares you for the role of CEO by teaching you the business of dentistry.
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Phase II Practice Systems Analysis & Training

Your business operational systems are the heart and soul of your business. Just as you, the dentist, are the heart and soul of providing clinical treatment. An analysis of the systems and protocol that were being used by the previous owner is a critical key component to you having a successful start for two reasons.

The first is for your professional on-site Consultant to identify and present to you the strengths set down by the previous owner but also weaknesses in the business operations. You thought you bought 3,000 patients but you have holes in your schedule. When addressed by your Consultant, this will jump-start your revenues and increase patient retention.

The second reason is “leveling out the playing field” with the existing employees. Having the outside, professional Consultant review the analysis of the systems with you and the entire team and present the plan of action does not allow the opportunity for them to know more about your business than you do. You never want to be held hostage or be vulnerable to an employee because you don’t know how your business operates. Your professional on-site Consultant creates a “team” atmosphere for the new owner and the existing employees, opening up the lines of communication and allowing for the smooth transition of your vision and mission in the new practice.
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Partnering with McKenzie Management was the best! Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing. They helped through the acquisition phase and then after I got the keys they were there to help get the existing staff on board. I knew that gaining the respect of the employees was not going to happen just because I signed their paycheck now. My McKenzie Coach went over all the business operations and developed a plan that enrolled them in the process, opened up the lines of communication and leveled the playing field for me as the "newbie" coming into their world. We had our new plan of action and the first year we increased the production by 23%! I haven't worried one second about paying my loan! I have complete confidence in myself as a business owner thanks to McKenzie Management!