For years I've been an advocate of professionally worded recall reminders to patients that:

#1 - fit into an envelope, and #2 - contain an educational message. Get your patients BACK IN THE CHAIR with my exclusive recall reminders designed to educate your patients on the the TRUE IMPORTANCE of coming in for a professional cleaning and dental examination.

I've designed 2 versions: one for patients that have been pre-appointed, and one for patients that you are asking to call you. I've also given you space on the back to hand-write a personal message to the patient and tell them "why" they need to return. Let's not forget that's the #1 reason they don't come back - they don't think they need it. And the best part? They fit into your regular #10 business envelope allowing you to place your appointment card. And…your personal educational message is right there on the back of the card. Thanks for ordering and I look forward to helping you get your patients back in the chair!

Sally McKenzie, CEO

A - Show the World

Type of Card

B - Brush and Floss

Type of Card

C - Why Should I Bother?

Type of Card

D - Smiles

Type of Card

E - Health and Oral Health

Type of Card

F - Brighten Each Day

Type of Card

Recall Cards are packaged in sets of 250 - Mix and Match!

Your order must total a quantity of 500, 1000, or 1500.
  • 500 Cards: $260
  • 1000 Cards: $440
  • 1500 Cards: $540