McKenzie Management’s Training Courses

Provide a wide array of professional training curriculum for Dentists, Business Staff and Hygienists. All of our training courses are conducted one-on-one, NOT in a classroom setting with other offices. The curriculum is focused and directed around YOUR objectives. It is a hands-on learning experience that is available only by scheduled appointment. What makes this approach very effective is the total training focus is on you and your specific training needs. You determine how many team members will be trained and the days for training that will fit your schedule. Our trainers will come to you

McKenzie Management’s Dental Training Programs

provide the best in dental business education designed from years of consulting with practices nationwide. This empowers the practice and student to maximize every ounce of its professional potential. Our programs are designed to ensure that both the practice and the team are prepared to take concrete steps to achieve measurable results that provide a sense of true accomplishment.

Sally McKenzie, CEO