McKenzie Management can provide for you any of our dental consulting, dental coaching and dental training programs virtually. That means your personal consultant, coach and or trainer is working with you online via the internet using a person to person software platform. You and or your team are in front of your computer and your personal coach is in front of hers and you are able to see and hear each other. You can join your coach anywhere on any device; phone or computer.
McKenzie’s virtual dental programs use multi-media content to enhance your learning experience.

Key benefits to you working virtually with McKenzie Management

  • No expense to commute to us or us to you
  • No time out of the office to learn and improve
  • Great access to talent nationwide
  • Comfortable learning environment
  • Your team doesn’t have to leave home to learn
  • Smaller learning segments that are easier to understand & implement
  • Direct access to your practice management software for customization & evaluation
  • Flexibility of full team involvement or a single department
  • Shorter, more frequent training sessions for better retention of new ideas
  • Unlimited email access to your MM Coach
  • Immediate feedback
  • Multimedia content (PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Budget-friendly


I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the virtual Dentist Management training we just completed. My associates and I learned a substantial amount in such a short amount of time. McKenzie Management's fantastic coach did a wonderful job of disseminating the information to us. She achieved all of our goals we set prior to the training. She helped us refine our current systems and more importantly, helped us create new systems that will allow us to track progress in our offices. When implemented, I am very confident that our successes will be abundant. I believe the end result of this training will be one of the highest return on investment items in my 21 year career.

Thank you.
Jack Lenihan DMD

McKenzie Management’s Virtual Dentist Management Training surpassed all my expectations. My trainer demonstrated a high level of knowledge and understanding of all the facets of dentistry, such as how to determine production goals for the doctors and the hygienists, important statistics that an owner should monitor and much, much more. My trainer has a heart of a teacher and I cannot emphasize this point enough as she placed great importance in my understanding and learning of the material that she covered with me in our training sessions. It was a great idea to implement these virtual type of training sessions and I had the opportunity to learn from such a great consultant.

Thank you again.
Jaime R. Gonzalez D.D.S